Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Cross Country Pajama Party, Day 3


I'm not a Spam Freak or anything, but I was pretty excited about the opportunity to visit the Spam Museum. Being as Spam is a popular meat source (?) in my family the Oompas, my sister and even Art's Pink Haired Girlfriend shared in my enthusiasm. The visit was everything I could have hoped for with one exception, they did not have taste testing today. Dang!
In keeping with her new reputation, Sister Val has ridded the roadways of yet another scavenger and has earned the amended nick name of Valorie, the Varmit Slayer. In her defense she does not go out of her way to hit the unfortunate critters, they just either walk too fast or too slow and are unavoidable. To her credit she has managed to avoid all larger mammals and smaller critters of the black, white and stinky variety.
9 more hours on the road and we should be at the Yak-ity Yak Farm, site of the Great Cross Country Pajama Party. There will be shared memories, new memories, tea parties and, yes, there will be Spam! Story at 11.


garnett109 said...

What no spam sandwiches?

Becky said...

eww,,,spam spam spam spam spam....