Wednesday, January 12, 2005


This is a good example of why you should not go shopping when you are not feeling well.  I went to the store to get Rocky something to comfort her upset stomach... with mine not feeling all that great either... and I came home with all kinds of junk... like berries and cream!  If I wasn't sick before, I will be after I eat all that stuff!  Okay, with the exception of the whipped cream it is actually healthy stuff... but oh my gosh, I saw the bright raspberries and plump blackberries... and the strawberries just screamed out to me when I passed by them... they all smelled soooooo good, I couldn't help myself.  I was already weak from all the medicine I've been popping... wait...  I didn't take any medicine today... okay, so I was weak because I didn't take my medicine.. and I just had to have them!  And have them I did!  Now I'm all fat and fed... phew!  I haven't been hit with cravings like that in years.... well, Rocky is 10... so its been about 11 years!  And NO!  Before anyone speculates, I am not pregnant... my 'dustbunny' didn't die... I am not breeding again.  I got Dickidoo neutered right after Rocky was born so there will be no more little Dickidoos or Mini-Me's popping out of this baby factory, nope, I'm out to pasture folks.  Just gonna sit around and wait for the grandbabies to start arriving.  In the mean time... I just might have to have another berry parfait.... Mmmm mmmm good!


melissajbird said...

I have just found your journal and I am putting you on alerts.  some of this is the funniest stuff I have read.  well off now to read some earlier stuff from you.

amy122389 said...

LOL...they're really good with GrapeNuts on top, too!  Are berries in season?!

glopsblink said...

That looks so good. I was going to buy strawberries a while ago, but then opted out of it. I just had creamy fruit salad (in my house, however, it's called fruit fluff) today which is whipped cream, mini marshmellows, canned fruit cocktail (drained), and mandarin oranges (drained), mixed together, let sit in the fridge to cool off, then eatten. Of course, I'm lazy and buy it at the store, but if it's not at your grocer's deli area this is the way to make it and it tastes the same.

Blessings. :)