Monday, January 3, 2005


WOO HOO!  WE DID IT!  WE'RE GOING TO THE PLAY-OFFS!  Denver kicked the Colts right where it hurt, with a final score of 33 - 14.   Ironically the Colts will get a chance to fight back with a re-match next Sunday.  The Bronco's haven't won a post-season game since 1998, and fell to the Colts in their first play-off game last year so they will be chomping at the bit.  I predict a very tough game.  And I predict that I will NOT be watching it since the wonderful people who do the scheduling have decided to make the game on Sunday instead of Saturday as I have requested... and my boss seems to feel that I should dedicate my loyalties to the unfaithful, disloyal hometown folks who think it is more important to go shopping for toilet paper and turkey pot pies than to stay home and root for the team.  But thats okay, I will not play Cinderella on Super Bowl Sunday, and if the Football Gods are willing, I will be cheering my beloved Broncos on to another Super Bowl Championship!


Saturday, January 8
St. Louis (8-8) at Seattle (9-7)
N.Y. Jets (10-6) at San Diego (12-4)

Sunday, January 9
Denver (10-6) at Indianapolis (12-4)
Minnesota (8-8) at Green Bay (10-6)


goexgirl said...

Mom the colts will win and the broncos will never win again . . . hopefully . . . but the colts will win not socnorb . lol socnorb . aka broncos . ~bleh~ i said broncos .

jcole16757 said...

I hope the Broncos do well, just for you Dorn!

otto9613944 said...

i am trying hard to determine what sucks more, you or jamming needles into my eyes.  o.k. i have it, you suck more.  i would take needles to the eyes rather than read your boring crap again, ha ha.....

csandhollow said...