Thursday, January 13, 2005


Once upon a time, in sheer deperation for a unique screen name, I typed in the words 'Purple Hippo Snot'.  AOL rejected my choice, stating "That Screenname Is Already Being Used".  Impossible!  Who would use the name 'Purple Hippo Snot'?  I didn't even want it... but I was running out of choices.  After the 100th rejection, I typed the name printed on my beer stein/coffee mug and 'Dornbrau' was born.  Today, for a complete lack of anything better to do, I typed the words 'purple hippo snot' in the search bar and came up with Kozo, the Dancing Sumo Hippo, performing the Thong Song.  And I was truely amazed!  Who would have guessed!  Kozo even has a new movie out, check out the Vending Machine.  Both of these are flash clips, so click on them to watch.


judithheartsong said...

Oh, how I loved the Thong Song............ never saw a purple hippo before:):) judi

angieabk said...

I LOVE reading your journal.  Because I can't get in everyday I usually read 6 or so entries at a time which leaves me laughing like a nut all day!

Thanks for the giggle!


jcole16757 said...

Always wondered how your came to your S/N.  Thanks for sharing that.  Kozo can really bust a move, even his butt cheeks!

astaryth said...

The scariest thing I have to say about this is........ I've actually already got the thong song in my favorites <LOL>... I don't remember how, but I ran across it somewhere and was amused enough to send it in e-mail to G and several others and save it so I could go back (which I never did <g>)

glopsblink said...

I saw this a little while ago (it was in someone's journal) and I couldn't believe what I saw! I'd never show this to my dad, he'd have a heart attack seeing a naughty dance like this being performed on my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!