Tuesday, January 4, 2005

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: according to Dorn

(I got this idea from John 'The Blogman' Scalzi... since I was sick on New Years Eve and we did not have the usual celebration where we announce our resolutions, I have decided to make resolutions for everyone.)

For Steve:  I resolve for him to be more sentimental and romantic on special occasions, like our Anniversary, Valentines, Mother's Day (yeah, yeah, I know I'm not your mother, we've had this discussion before.... but you can help the kids do something special) my Birthday and Christmas.  (I know you get me all kinds of neat stuff for no reason, but still, its nice to feel extra special on that extra special day... and I mean every year, not just Leap year, or when the moon is full or what ever calendar you are using.)

For my kids:  I resolve for them to help more around the house, not just when dad threatens to take away the games.  (Even if you just pick up after yourself, what a difference that makes!  And do your school work.  It may seem useless to you now, but that Diploma is soooo important later on in life and simple lessons learned now may help out when you least expect it.  Oh... and Rocky, could you please try to be a little less like me?  Thanks!)

For Bandie, the ferret:  I resolve for Bandie to learn to use the toilet.. and flush... so we don't have to smell her 'stuff' in the cage all the time, thats just nasty!  And stop with the ankle-biting!  (Thats just a phrase humans use, you're not really supposed to bite ankles!)

For myself:  I suppose I could be a better house keeper, but hey, I suppose I could win the lottery but that'll never happen so lets stick to reality shall we?  I resolve to eat less starchy foods... notice I said 'eat less', not 'eat no'... there's no way I can totally give up my pasta, potatoes and rice... but I do acknowledge that I should cut back on my intake.  I think I also need to drink less alcohol and more water... and I don't mean adding ice to my drinks... I really mean cutting back on the 'social drinking' cos lets face it, I'm too social for my own good!  And lastly, and this one hurts... I will spend less time (ouch!) on the computer!  Truth be known I spend less time infront of the computer than my husband spends infront of the TV set, but I'm not pushing the issue, I just think I need to reset my priorities.  Of course by limiting my time on the computer I may be jeopardizing my earlier resolution to limit my alcohol and starch intake because I'm sure I will eventually get frustrated with being a good wife, mother and housekeeper and start binging.  Now wait a minute... upon further examination of my current habits I see that my time spent on the computer actually helps to regulate my alcohol and starch intake, and keeps my frustration to an acceptable level.  Which leads me to the conclusion that I am just fine the way I am and don't need a New Year's resolution to better myself in the months to come.  Wow, I feel GREAT aready!  Happy New Years!


amy122389 said...

ROFL.....I didn't make any Resolutions either.  

astaryth said...

LOL... As usual, you brighten my morning.... Hmmmm.... I think I'll pass Steve's resolution on to G.... he's so sweet with the 'surprises', but forgets the stuff on the special days <sigh>

mumma4evr said...

NO! NO!  Not less time in front of the computer!!! that will mean les  time for me because I won't be sitting here...see?  it is the trickle down effect!!!  Don't do it!!!
whew!!!  finished reading and  giving out a huge sigh of relief!!!

otto9613944 said...

hey you, i think we got off on the wrong foot. allow me to straighten this mess out.  you are not funny, that is a given.  i am an a-hole, that is a given.  i like you, you make me laugh in a way that a train accident makes me horny, ha ha....i would like those needles, i can't find mine.  sleep well my angel, for the winds are calling your name.  what the hell does that mean?   ummmmm bye

dklars said...

I like your way of thinking!  :)

skootles84 said...

your blog is very fun to read!

jcole16757 said...

Over the last few years I have finally taught my family that I like a cake of some sort on MY birthday too!  Great entry!

mystafymeal4me said...

hey thanks for stopping by mine been a few entrie scence i visted yours..sorry about that .guess ive been lacking.you know how that is lol..
buy the way i just love ferrets cant waight to get anouther one but relly dont think it will be safe with all my dogs quit yet!!
have a great night

maozmon said...

Did you know that if you drink water with your booze, you get less blocked? yup, proven true by my irish family....me, I end up spending more time in the loo, so I dont drink as much booze anyway with all the water! ~Mary Anne~