Thursday, January 20, 2005


~  I love coffee... especially with hazelnut creamer.

~  I only wear shoes when I leave the house.  In the winter I leave bare footprints in the snow going out to the mailbox... people think the Abominable snowman lives here.  Ironically my lastname translates to 'snowfoot'.

~  I am allergic to only 3 things... ampicillin (antibiotic) dry cold, and alcohol.  I live in Colorado and love my rum and coke.  I itch a lot!

~  I have a guitar.  I don't play it, I play with it.  It has 12 strings, only 1 is tuned.  I don't know which one it is.

~  I am a hunter, I eat what I kill.  I am not ashamed of that fact.  Its better than eatting my meat while it is still alive.

~  I am a fast typist.  I am a lousy speller.  I type words wrong... very quickly.  I love my spell check.  My spell check hates me.  Half the time it can't even guess what I'm trying to spell and it just sits there with a blank screen.  'Please check your spelling!' it says... hey, if I knew how to spell I wouldn't be needing you.... dummy!

~  I was 29 before I got my driver's license.  I was 8 months pregnant.  I'm sure I failed the test, but my testor didn't want to go through the test with me again so she passed me.

~  I want to be cremated.  The thought of rotting in the ground gives me nightmares... or even worse... being dug up hundreds of years in the future and displayed as a archeological find.

~  I love to cook and experiment with new dishes all the time.  I will NEVER be able to make my 2 favorite foods in the whole wide world... bananas and oranges!  I could eat them 24/7.

~  My two favorite TV shows are Bill O'Riley's No Spin Zone... and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  Don't really watch anything else except for the news. 

~  I love all types of music, country, classic rock, Hawaiian, Native, R&B, even some Rap and Alternative... but my favorite piece is Pachelbel's Canon.

~  I am totally creeped out by spiders and worms... no other bugs... just THEM!  I don't mind daddy longlegs or jumping spiders and will hold them, and earthworms are cool too, but anything else just gives me the heebie jeebies.

~  I cry during most movies.  I cried while watchingLilo and Stitch (it was sooo sad when they took little Lilo away from her sister...).  I embarrassed my family when we saw Black Hawk Down and We were Soldiers at the theater... People around us were saying 'will someone please take the baby out!'

~  I love the feel of mud between my toes.

~  I love pistachio nuts, but not the red ones... they always give me away when someone is trying to figure out who ate all their nuts.

~  I have accomplished most of my goals in life.  I still want to look down at the earth from something higher than an airplane.  Heaven would be nice.  It sucks that I'm afraid of heights.


mumma4evr said...

I only buy the non-red pistachios.  that way I don't have to share them.  I can eat them and no one else knows!

stephweiss said...

My mom & I went to see "Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" in the theater back when it was out. I had read in advance that it was 'a little sad." I came prepared with a box of Kleenex. We used it. Shamelessly. I watched LOTR on DVD last week. I have seen it before. I know what happens. I cried anyway. The director means for me to cry, and I don't let him/her down. I'm from Venus. I'm allowed.

g1itterkat said...

if i had to do an entry like this, i wouldnt know where to start!!! loved reading yours tho
Jay x

amy122389 said...

I loved this entry, Dorn..  :)

demandnlilchit said...

Fantastic Entry Dorn!!!  I too want to be cremated for the same reasons that you do, plus I find cemetary very lonely places, and in 100 years I would be nothing but a name on a tombstone, So my wishes are to be cremated and my ashes mixed with glitter then sprinkled into helium balloons for my lloved ones to set free, I want to be here, there and everywhere and a girl has to SPARKLE! lol

cneinhorn said...

this was wonderful!  I love hazelnut creamer in my tea!


rwsgirl2029 said...

Awesome confessions.  You have me thinking about mine now.  Is that good?  I think so!  Beth-Ann

piperacharmed1 said...

Hey..we have some stuff in common...I hate shoes...I wear sandals alot...even in the snow. I cry during most movies...and i love Pachelbel's daughter plays the violin and they played that for one was so good. Thanks for sharing your "confessions"    : )

mykesmom75 said...

I love your entry...we have so much in common.....maybe we'll talk about it sometime.....When you go to Heaven your not suppose to be afraid of anything....
Your fear of heights will be gone.... But cosintrate on the groung for the time being...Keep up the

mykesmom75 said...

Sorry had to put this in I totally mis spelled concentrate...ewwww typed too fast, hope thats

bosoxblue6993w said...

I, too, eat what I kill.  Last night I killed some time.

cutebutpsycho028 said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my journal and leaving such a nice comment! I'm glad I found your journal, it's great! I love your sense of humor....I've put you on alert so I'll be back :D

jcole16757 said...

Wow, so many of my likes/dislikes are similar to yours.  Cremated here, Pachelbel's Canon (it makes me cry but with special memories) hazelnut creamer, the list could go on.  Thanks for sharing this!

purplectigger said...

Thanks for sharing. I too like Queer Eye for the straight guy. I bet they would be fun to party with. I also cry at most movies. Of course I'm with you on the coffee thing.
Have a great day.

denimangels said...

<<<~  I want to be cremated.  The thought of rotting in the ground gives me nightmares... or even worse... being dug up hundreds of years in the future and displayed as a archeological find.>>>>>

I am right there with you! The thought MORTIFIES me!
And shhhh, I cry at movies, I can find the oddest things to cry about. I can find something touching in just about everything lol

st0rmwhispers said...

loved loved loved this entry...I also waited until 29... to drive...First hubby was afraid I would leave him if I could drive so one of the reasons I left him was so I could drive LOL

I can relate to most of what you say but that whole barefoot in the snow thing.....