Tuesday, February 15, 2005


This entry requirers you, the reader, to respond to a series of questions about me, the writer.

1)  When you think of the name Dornbrau, what comes to mind?

2)  Describe the Dust Bunny Club of North America journal.

3)  Is Dorn 'too good' to be true or 'too bad' to be true?

4)  My birthday is September 13, dedicate a song to me (please!).

5)  You read my journal and there fore I love you, but would you introduce me to your family if given the chance?


mereajen said...

Ok here goes nothing...LOL...

1) Thorn-brew

2) A collection of stories about my family, photo's, serial killing fish, drinking games and receipe's, old hunting stories, and a pack of silly kids.

3) Too good to be true.

4) Big Girls Don't Cry

5) I would indeed. I think they'd luv ya!!



csandhollow said...

1. Sweden
2. Funny, family, life
3. sounds good to me
4. Let me think about this one
5. In a heartbeat

mumma4evr said...

1. darn  housewife

2, the funniest journal I have ever read!  It gives me hope on bad days that there are stillt hings to laugh about

3..a bit of both!  

4.  not sure of the title...I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR

5. oh, yeah!!!  you would fit right in!!!

dklars said...

1.  Dust Bunnies!

2.  Hilarious

3.  Neither.  Dorn is just ... DORN!

4.  Scarborough Fair.

5.  They would love you!


plittle said...

1) Brau rhymes with Frau. Don't ask me what that means.
2) A bunch of fart jokes disguised as daily anecdotes about life.
3) To true to be blue?
4) "If you're going to San Francisco,
     Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."
5) Abso-freakin-lutely...as long as you left your guns at home.

schnozbeary said...

1) Honestly, an island title for a princess..
2)The scoop on poop:)
3)Ah, the yin and the yang...why can't you be both sides of the coin??
4) Brown-eyed girl-Van Morrison- just popped in when I first saw your pic.
5) Darlin, we'd crash my family shin-dig, after having toured the local juke joints!!
Penny http://journals.aol.com/schnozbeary/FreshCupMoveDown

anarchitek said...

1) A German boutique beer!
2) A literary soap opera starring the Marx Brothers meets the 3 Stooges and a cast of thousands (well, a dozen or so!)
3) Dorn is too true to be good and too good to be bad.
4) Perfection by Badfinger....or You Set the Scene by Love
5) Of course, you would fit tight in...we have straight jackets in all sizes!  After a while you would feel like "one of the family"!  Escape is not an option, better meds are!

dcmeyer420 said...

This will be fun for me... Hehehe...
1. Slang for "darn broad."
2. Just the way I like it, a tad schizophrenic and lots of belly laughs!
3. Depends on the entry.
4. My Little Puka Shell. I am still in the midst of writing it for you.
5. Sure, you will make them laugh and vice versa. We are known for our not so clean jokes.

otto9613944 said...

i can answer all you questions with one word, YELLOW. ummm, yep, yellow. yellow yellow yellow, i am happy, i have yellow. ha ha ha yellow yellow yellow... you can't have any, it is all mine, all the yellow....oh look at that, yellow....knock knock, who's there? yellow......yellow yellow yellow.....damn, i need a nap.   dave...


promiseluv372 said...

1. Dominate broad
2.  Dust bunny club journal is funny, real, and not for the weak! :)
3.  Dorn is a good bad woman <wink>
4.  Listen to KS95 (MN radio station) I'll do it at noon! The song you ask? well you'll just have to listen to be surprise. lol
5.  I would love to bring you over to my parents house!  

stephweiss said...

1) Thorn Beer. Too many years of German.
2) Insanity. But the good kind of insanity.
3) Yes
4) "I wanna be sedated," by the Ramones. Oh, wait, that's my song. Well, I'll share it. You are gonna need it on your upcoming voyage.
5) Well, you might be too normal & mess up their belief that I only hang around with total nut cases.. but I would anyway. When are ya comin'? :)

mzgoochi said...

1, Beer and Dickidoo hee hee
2, Real, funny, hysterical, farts, poop, love
3, Hmm, a little of both?
4, A song? Hmmm...Billy Joel-She's always a woman!
5, Yes Yes yes!!!!

lreilly29 said...

1.  Definitely beer.....must be the "brau" think.   Lowenbrau I guess (is that even a beer still?)
2.  The "say what you are thinking and don't hold back" journal that will keep you laughing for quite some time.
3.  Hmmm, a little bit of both?
4.  I need to think about this one....
5.  Sure.   They already think my current friends are insane, so what's one more?   :-)

awen1122 said...

1)  Uh I think of you...LOL!  You are Dorn...what else can I say?
2) Definitely not something that will make editors pick soon!  Hehe...it's the story of a great mom who loves to talk about farting and bowel movements and ganster fish while raising alcholic dustbunnies!  Hows that?
3) Dorn is Dorn...I think too good to be true would be to imply that you aren't what you portray yourself to be and I believe you are exactly as you portray yourself, and too bad to be true, well you are a rotten little stinker...but thats beside the point!  LOL!
4) Hang on, I have to spell check a word....the song is called "Diarrhea ~ cha cha cha" My cousin used to sing it when we were kids, and of course I know how you love to open up that subject what better song for you!  Hehe  
5) Dorn, I swear to everything holy my family would absolutely LOVE you!!  As scary as the thought is, you would fit in perfect around here, but ya know, we put the fun in dysfunctional!  Hehe

glopsblink said...

Oh, come on Dorn, you're just trying to get comments, LoL!!! Okay, so here's my contribution:

1. Beer name that you used last minute cause all the good ones were taken.
2. Gassy, funny, loving (family oriented). Definitly a place to get a good laugh. =) Boobidoo, Dickadoo, pee punch (that entry was hilarious!!!), Your confessions. Oh, and I hate to say this dorn, but the FDA has made coffee illegal, so you can't have anymore (I think I'm running away after saying this).
3. Ummmm... too funny to be true.....? I'll go with too good, since you seem to have a great and happy life which you love dearly (even when there's all those 'vapors' in the air, LoL!!!).
4. Well, how about "You Are My Sunshine". :) You always manage to make me smile, or go Awww...... (especially when it comes to your army son).
5. Yes, I think you'd get along swell. You'd definitly get along with the gas jokes, dad loves those.

Blessings. :)


astaryth said...

1) Beer
2) Funny family... lots of fart and other non-editor choice thingies <g>, and lately killer fish!
3) Too good to be bad
4) Do you know the way to San Jose -- I don't know why, it just popped into my head... <LOL>
5) Yes, absolutely, when are you coming????? We'll have a PARTY! You'd fit right into my family

mystafymeal4me said...

#1 ans:  a home made jerman beer
#2 ans:alot of what I find in my home.(dust bunnies )
down right honest experences that life gives us
#3ans: a and b depending on your mood.Lol
#4ans: form the bob and tom show.I am the man
#5ans:sure would.

snnyfl16 said...

I will answer all your questions if you can answer my trivia question (must post answer on my journal)  Where did the word Corona come from? What did it origally mean?   :-)

articwulf58368 said...

1) A broom?
3) Too good
4) all star... Smash mouth
5) I would love to meet you, so therefor, yes

heathyrxmarie said...

1.) When I think of Dorn, I think sweet, smart, sexy (yes, sexy), incredibly generous, loving, caring, and an amazing person.  Dorn is the best listener I know! AND, she farts..Where else can you find someone like that? LOL!

2.)  I just started really reading.  I love it so far! It's refreshing, a breat of cool air!  And totally hysterical at times!

3.)  Dorn is all around perfect, IMO!

4.)I'm not sure, I'll have to come back to this one! ;)

5.)  I'd definately introduce you to my family! You're just like them! They'd get a kick outta you!


ilnh98 said...

1) My favorite blogger.
2)Very funny. Family life and bodily functions described in ways that are funny but don't gross you out.
3)Neither. She is just truly herself.
4)"She's a Wild One" by Martina McBride
5)In a New York minute.

jackiebenice said...

1) beer
2) funny, gassy, gross, ahh just another family get together.
3) in between lol
4) R-E-S-P-E-C-T
5) well, yes, but not for another year, see im 17, and if my parents wouldnt wanna meet any one of the net..however, they do know about my journal..oh my mom says "HI!!" lol.

take care!!

demandnlilchit said...

1)Always a good read
2)A truthful insight to a real American family
3) Dorn is perfect.......a very good mix
4)"Everyone knows.....It's Windy" lmaooooooo
5) I think we might have been seperated at birth so "WE ARE FAMILY" lol lol lol

cneinhorn said...

1) when I think of Dornbrau...well, brau reminds me of beer...german...but I don't understand the Dorn part...I used to think it was your first name....so it would be DornBeer as in Dorn the beer lady! ;-)
2)  DBCNA the new Erma Bombeck... coffee and my daily dose of Dorn (I know I've told you that before)
3)   Dorn is too funny to be true!
4)  Oh goodness, you are really making me work here...a song?  How about the country one "I got friends in low places" what a great drinking song!  LOL...
5)  most definately!  My kids would love ya!  

Now, do I win something?  


squirrellywoman said...

1) Jody.
2) This is where I go to find out how my sister is doing way over on the other side of the US. This is where I can see her world through her eyes - just the way it is, or sometimes, should be. This is where I see her budding and blooming and finding talents she didn't know she had. She had once wanted to go into graphics- and she's really good. Instead, she married and raised a family - but she is using her talents to chronicle her daily life, through journals and photography. What a way to incorporate all the things that are important to you! And building character - the family would have to develop a strong one just for self-defense!
3) Dorn is just Dorn, for better or worse.
4) I dedicate one of the most beautiful songs ever written - "The Rose." That's the way it is.

jcole16757 said...

1.  I think of you and beer.  2.  Humorous  3.  Too good  4.  I'm horrible with song titles  5.  If the opportunity was there, yes.  As long as you refrain from farts. lol

hestiahomeschool said...

#5 first....I would love to consider you ppart of my family :-)

robinngabster said...

When I see the name Dronbrau I think of beer. LOL....I dunno why...

lacaza3 said...

1. I think of a cold beer
2. I thought it was about housewoek when I first came across it...but now I describe it has a great way to brighten your day
3Dorn is real people and I like real people
4 so are you a virgo I a virgo also august 29...
humm a song you put the lime in the coconut and shake it all upHA!
5.HEck yeah
donna In TEXAS