Tuesday, February 15, 2005

DUST BUNNY PHOTO, road trip and SOCKS!

This is a rare photograph of a dust bunny feeding.  Dust bunnies are social animals and where there is one you can be sure there are more... but they are very territorial when it comes to their food, they do not like to share.  A dust bunny's food of choice... beer and pistachio nuts of course!  By the way, that mini 6-pack of Coronas cost more than a case of the big bottles!

We leave for Kentucky on Monday.  I am excited about Gabe's graduation, but we have to get there first.  We can't even drive down the street to the store without a fight breaking out in the backseat between the kids.  How the heck are we going to make it clear across the country?  I'm thinking that investing in a couple of large dog kennels to throw in the back of the truck for them might be a good idea.  Or maybe even shock-collars... yeah, that might work!  Over 1100 miles each way, I'm telling you, if those kids don't behave on the way out, I'm leaving them with their Aunt in E-town and coming home without them!

5 more weeks of work.... 5 more weeks of paychecks and financial freedom.  After that I will be a kept woman.  I don't know if I can handle that.  I have a hard time having to ask for money and then justify what I need it for.  Whos going to pay for all of my 'must haves' like my $15.99 mini 6-pack of Coronas.  And who is going to support my sock fetish?  I guess I better start stocking up on them now because I don't see Dickidoo buying me Easter bunny toe socks and I just have to have a new pair every year... and my monkey socks have disappeared along with my ducky socks... those will have to be replaced.  I know in my heart that I am doing the right thing for the kids by quitting, but what about my socks?!  I may just have to start charging Dickidoo for 'services rendered'.  Hey, I've got to support myself somehow!


csandhollow said...

Invest in sleeping pills!!!

mumma4evr said...

Dramamine???? those car sick pills always mde me sleep!!!

clean1096 said...

if you can't get sleeping pills duct tape work wonders Lol !!   have a safe trip ..P.S. at least the bunnys got good taste .................Diane

theduchessofdirt said...

I'd go for the shock collars...a friend of mine's daughter tells her that when she gets old she is going to put up one of the electric doggy fences, put a collar on her and let her roam the backyard.
Good luck with the trip!

purplectigger said...

Just tell them you sold them on ebay, but if they are good you'll keep them, that is just before you put the shock collars on and give them sleeping pills. LOL. Tell me what works. We're going on a trip this summer with three kids. I may need the advice.

terra19728 said...

$15.99 for a mini pack of Corona???  Wow, a big 6 pack of corona's costs $6.49.  here, hell you can get a 12 pack for 12 bucks.  As for the kids in the back seat you just have to learn the tune out method.  It is a hard thing to learn but well worth it.  You don't hear anything but emergencies!!!


plittle said...

Try a couple of large dogs.

mzgoochi said...

I'm on the KY line, Stop by and I'll fix you guys a good ole hillbilly supper. I'm serious too!!