Monday, February 7, 2005

PATRIOTS SUPERBOWL CHAMPS, and an end to the Aquarium Killings

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Okay, they aren't quite the Broncos, but Horray for the Patriots!  Woo Hoo!  Super Bowl Sunday is a National Holiday as far as I'm concerned so naturally I took the day off from work to celebrate.  I dressed up in my best party attire (see photo in my About Me section), even had my beer bottle appropriately dressed.  There weren't very many Patriot fans at our friends' party but that didn't intimidate me.  The only draw back was that I was the designated driver so I could not gorge myself on those tasty little 90 proof Bloody Mary balls that I had made, but hey... my team won and I got to drive the Hemi home!  It doesn't get much better than that!

There has been a cease fire in the ganglands of Atlantis.  No new bodies have been found in the past 24 hours.  We still don't have solid suspect on the Aquarium Murders.  Was it the goldfish in the cave with the pipe?  Or was it the Krib in the kelp with the rope?  Or maybe it was the Tetra in the castle with the wrench?  I still think it was gang related, the Guppies were moving in on the Kribs and the Bleeding Hearts territory so they took them out.  Henry just happened to be in the wrong tank at the wrong time!

I spoke to Gabe on Sunday morning.  I guess someone neglected to tell the medic he saw the first time that SudaGest, while effective on sinus congestion, is not an effective treatment for bronchitus.  Gabe is now on antibiotics and other good stuff.  He also had the eye doctor check out the eye that got hit by a branch during one of his night manuevers and according to the tests his vision has actually improved!  Must have been the SudaGest!  Well, as Gabe puts it... its just 16 days and a 'wake-up' before he graduates.  This young man took so many wrong turns in his life and somehow managed to get back on track.  I'm so dang proud of him and the direction he has chosen to take.... Uh oh, here come those drippy mommy eyes again!


purplectigger said...

Hopefully the killings have stopped. I dont think Rocky can take much more.
Glad your team won.
I can surly tell you are proud of Gabe. as well you should be.
Take care.

ladydriversammie said...

Oh boy do I feel for him with the sinus/bronchitic crap in basic training!  I can sympathize, but I'd bet he's had to work a lot harder than I have had to while sick.  Poor kid.

Sammie  :)

(OMG I just called someone who's old enough to be considered an adult a "kid".  I've got to go look for some wrinkle cream or prune juice or something, sheesh.)

jcole16757 said...

Hubby would have preferred the Eagles to win over the two but he's not particular on either one of the teams this time around.  I'm not into football like I used to be, not sure why either. LOL  Hope Gabe gets feeling better soon and gets rid of the bronchitis.

mumma4evr said...

I am thrilled that the PATS won...but living here in Yankee land and being a true Boston fan can be dangerous.  
So, when do we get to hear what Bloody Mary  Balls are???

dklars said...

If you ever have the time, I'd love to check out the recipe for Bloody Mary Balls.

snnyfl16 said...

Bleading Hearts territory? Bleading hearts even SOUNDS like  a gang. Before you pass jusgement, try to remember they are juveniles! They need rehabilitation, not punishment! Possibly an anger management course? Ok- I  noticed a discrepincy in your testimony about not drinking. If you were a designated driver- WHY, may I ask, WHY... was your beer bottle appropriately dressed? Dressed for what? CONSUMPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cltaylor2 said...

I'll be a Pats fan I'm from New England and have loved to see the Pats win the Super Bowl.  My husband hates the Pats He's a Steelers fan and I laughed twice as hard this year when the Pats one because they're the reason the steelers couldn't go.