Tuesday, February 8, 2005



Cherry tomatoes

Vodka (use a good brand)

Celery salt, Old Bay, Cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, in small bowls



Blanch the tomatoes by dropping them into boiling water until the skin puckers.  Remove the tomatoes and pull the skin off.  Allow them to cool.

Soak the tomatoes in vodka overnight.

Put your spices into small bowls.

Spear a tomato with a toothpick, roll into the spices of your choice, and pop it into your mouth.

Repeat as often as necessary.

Alternatively, you can season the vodka prior to soaking the tomatoes, then provide some Old Bay for dipping.

johnnyroadtrip.com - Bloody Mary Balls Recipe

For Snnyfl:  in response to your comment, as the designated driver I was entitled to 2 bottles of beer, to be consumed (in proper attire of course) during the first half of the football game.  I was however able to continue my victory celebration after a 20 minute drive home sitting behind a Hemi.  Here is a sideview of my properly attired beer bottle... can you guess how I could tell it was mine?


awen1122 said...

Because it was empty?

sdoscher458 said...

I have no vodka in the house, darn it! I have everything to make it they sound great but it will have to wait for hubby to come home.....sounds like you had alot of fun.  Sandi

purplectigger said...

Sounds like a good recipe. Thanks for sharing.
Neet shirt for the beer bottle.

jcole16757 said...

When I saw the reference to the bloody mary balls I wondered how you made them.  Sounds interesting, thanks for the recipe!

mumma4evr said...

yummyy!!!!  willhave to try them! thanks for sharing!

swmpgrly said...

OMG I love bloody marys so I cant wait to try those  thx