Sunday, February 6, 2005

SUPERBOWL 39 and the Kribs vs. the Bleeding Hearts!

Okay, I'm ready for the game, I've got my Corona, I've got even got a schnazzy little Superbowl 39 jersey for my beer bottle so I can drink in style... I've got my layered guacamole dip with a bag of Tostito Santa Fe Gold tortilla chips, a Corona bucket full of pistachio nuts and a bowl full of Bloody Mary balls, I am ready for ball game!  Gooooo PATRIOTS!

Yesterday morning was spent changing out and rearranging the tanks.  We now have 3 going... the main tank for all of the innocent, peace-loving tropicals, a smaller tank for Henry the accused, and then a little private hideaway for the guppy Aqua-shine, who has gone into seclusion following the untimely death of both of her young and obviously tastey mates.  All was well in Atlantis... or so I thought... until this morning when I found the last of the head and tail light tetras desperately trying to swim without any fins or tail.  Moments later it was gone.  Apathy in the tank was despicable, none of the residents would talk.  Perhaps it was fear of being the next victim, or perhaps it was some kind of conspiracy.  The Bleeding Hearts and the Kribs remain suspiciously unscathed.  They have irradicated any rival tank gangs.  And Poor little Henry was the scapegoat!  Poor Little Henry, by the way is no longer little... a week ago he fit in the little tank quite comforatbly with his little tank mate.  Now he barely has enough room to turn around.  I know fish will grow larger if given a larger area to move around in but could he really have grown that quickly in the larger tank in just a period of a week? (or maybe he was justing eating better...?)  Poor Henry!  Yes, I do feel guilty every time he swims up to greet me when I pass by his tank.  Maybe I'll get him a nice, big, new tank... and a friend, maybe a sugar mama so he can get a little action. 

And Poor Little Rocky... she is at a slumber party right now and has not received the bad news yet (again!).  As for the Tetras and the Kribs... well, theres no telling which of them are responsible.  They are soooo cute and come swishing up to the side of the tank every time I walk by, just dripping with innocence.  There is no way anyof them could be a cold hearted serial killer... Yep... from now on its Pet Rocks!  In fact I may start with Rock Fish...


mumma4evr said...

poor fishies!!!!  

And what the heck are Bloody Mary balls????

amazingtweet said...

Well Henry must be one of those fish that grow bigger as the take gets bigger. Poor thing. I had a friend telling me she had to buy a bigger tank everytime this one pictular fish would grow. Come to find out that the fish will grow bigger in a larger space. She finally had to give her fish to the river. Have fun watching the game.


demandnlilchit said...

Obviously Henry felt the need to bulk up after the random acts of terror in the tank, after all it's survival of the fishist! lol And girl dontcha know Carona is my brand of brew too! lol

purplectigger said...

cool bottle jersey. I hope you enjoy watching the game.
Sorry about the fish.
Have a great week.

tschamberland said...

Sad news!  Wonder if you'll ever find out who the responsible party is?  The Pats are officially a DYNASTY!  Way to go!  Thanks for your amusing style of writing, certainly will keep me coming back.