Tuesday, February 1, 2005


Tomorrow is ground hog day, so watch where you step! (I really used to look for ground hogs when I was a kid... didn't know what they looked like, but I wanted to see its shadow too!)

I spent the first part of the morning scrounging for change for the kids' lunch.  It costs $2 for each of the Jr. High and Sr. High students... thats $6 a day... and $1.50 for Rocky.  I remember paying 25¢ for hot lunch back in my day... and I had 45 minutes to eat it.  Now days the kids have to be in and out of the lunch room in 20 minutes tops.  And the kids are always hungry when they get home from school... the school doesn't serve much because there's no time to eat it!  Yet it still costs me $37.50 a week to pay for these sparse meals, which was why at 6:35 this morning I was digging in couch cushions and picking pockets for loose change that I had somehow missed during yesterday morning's change raid.  I eventually had to stoop down so low as to borrow the money the Tooth Fairy had given Rocky... Tomorrow the kids will have to rough it... they can pack a sack lunch because the couches and pockets have been picked dry.... Unless of course someone loses a bunch of teeth between now and then!  

Did you know that its almost as expensive to pack a lunch that a child would actually WANT to eat in front of friends... as it is to buy the school's hot lunch?   I don't why we even bother to eat food... we might as well just toss all the food straight into the toilet because thats where it will end up anyway; plus it won't smell as bad.  In fact I should just deposit my paycheck in there instead of wasting a trip to the bank.  I'll also save on the time spent grocery shopping .  I work 40 hours a week but not so I can provide my children with fancy clothes and expensive toys and a nice home... I work so my children can have nice healthy movements.  Yeah, theres something to be really proud of!  That will surely make me a winner at the Class Reunion (which I have never been able to go to because my money always goes down the toilet!)


sdoscher458 said...

Sitting here can't sleep...your alert came over...needed something to laugh about and your writing always does it for me.  I can remember when my kids were little in school...rummage for money...not just lunch...it was a constant state of I need money for the cookie sale/cake sale/plant sale/various overpriced fund raisers/and on and on ad naseum...oh pictures...yeah you know the ones...the kid looked like a comb had never touched his head in six years..that's when they snap the picture.  Of course, its your kid you HAVE to buy it. Take care my friend...Sandi

mzgoochi said...

I'm sorry Dorn. I know all to well how you feel. Cameron begs me to let him pack a lunch, but I just can't afford it. If it wasn't for the free lunch program, he'd be going hungry all day. His teacher is always getting him to ask me if I'll bake cupcakes or send chips and pop to school as a treat for the kids and I feel so bad because I can't. It's sad when you can't even afford a box of cupcake and icing mix. He was searching the cabinets today looking for something he could take for the valentines day party and found and old container of green sugar sprinkles. God only knows how old those things are, but he's gonna take them. I hope someone makes cupcakes that needs sprinkles. LOL

aljes12 said...

I know exactly what you mean with the lunch thing... I have a 4 year old (Today is actually her birthday), a 61/2 year old and an 81/2 year old. All whom I have to have school lunches for. It's expensive either way(buying or making)....outragious! My lil one always has to bring a lunch, her preschool doesn't provide them. And my other 2 daughter's usually buy a lunch unless lunchables are on sale for less than what I pay for school lunch. They up'ed the price at thier school this year. Lunch is now $1.75! So between the 2 of them we pay (rounding off) 20 bucks a week, when you keep adding figures it seems crazy....about 80 bucks a month.It seems like every other day they are coming to me and saying....."Lunch lady says I need more money in my account mom" Ugh! Hey thanks for sharing this....let me vent too, lol!
- Jessica

karensull12 said...

Fabulous entry!  Just fabulous (I saw your post on the message board and wanted you to know that I play by the rules).  

I have 2 in college and 1 in middle school so I know what you're talking about.  I have taken to just writing a check and having her deposit it into her lunch account so that I don't have to deal with it everyday.  It is a fortune though--$2.00 which I think is outrageous since all she does is complain about the food.

amazingtweet said...

Yea down the toliet it goes...Lmao


mumma4evr said...

when I made lunches, they usually came home, uneaten I pay for school lunches because my kids ahven't figured out a way to bring them home!!!  

demandnlilchit said...

I had to do the same thing this morning, usually my DH leaves their lunch money in their bathroom, the night before but last night was kinda crazy around here so I woke up to "Mom.Dad forgot to leave us lunch money, checked my wallet.....empty....checked Moms Mad money Jar.....empty.....touch my vacation money??? not on your life sista! (lol) so it was out to the truck and waaallllaaa.....enough spare change to feed two small children lunch today!

schnozbeary said...

It's the same in this house! Always scrounging for change for kids lunches, and I tried packing them lunch, but as you said, it's just as expensive to pack something they will actually eat!!! As for where the money goes, ROFL!!!!! You are a true Realist Philospher! Great laugh first thing in the morning...Penny http://journals.aol.com/schnozbeary/FreshCupMoveDown

cneinhorn said...

gotta love Dorn's potty mouth, LOL  ;-)


purplectigger said...

Great Entry. I don't have kids in school but I do remember the day's I had to hunt fot lunch money.
Have a great day.
Hugs R.C.

rwsgirl2029 said...

Dorn you always give me so much to think about as my little son grows.  Joy, joy!  Love the entry!  Beth-Ann http://journals.aol.com/rwsgirl2029/ItsMyLilWorld