Friday, June 10, 2005

AMUSING MEMORIES, Weekend Assignment

Last summer we were fortunate to be able to visit Disneyland and Magic Mountain while visiting relatives in LA.  The biggest amusement park the family had ever been to up until that point was Elitch Gardens in Denver.  Stepping into the Magic Kingdom was like passing through a doorway into another world.  Even I as an adult couldn't help getting caught up in the fantasy.  And while Magic Mountain wasn't as scenic as Disneyland, the rides were outstanding.  I even got over my fear of roller coasters and found myself rushing ahead of the others to get back into line.

We went to Magic Mountain the day before we left California, and we were already on the edge of exhaustion, but the rides beconed us and we waited in line for what seemed like ages to get on a 3 minute ride.  While nearing the 3 year mark in the cue for the X, my little Rocky got bored and started messing with the landscaping plants.  I chided her but she insisted that it was just a weed.

'Perhaps, but you don't know what kind of weed it is.  For all you know it could be poison ivy'.  I pointed out.

'Is it?' she asked.

'No, but thats beside the point, you don't know what it is so you should leave it alone.'  I replied in my best mommy voice and bystanders smiled with approval in the way I handled the situation.  My pride was short lived though because Rocky plucked a branch of leaves from the plant and scrubbed it against her cheeks!  I couldn't believe the audacity of the child, the total disregard for what I had just said, the disrespect... I snatched the leaves from her hand and warned her that the Park officials could throw her out for destroying their property.  It was NEVER okay to just pluck a plant like that, especially when it was someone else's property.  It was also irresponsible and stupid to rub it against her skin, not knowing what it was!  By the time I was finished with my lecture I had regained the repect from those around us.  My child had defied me, but I was once again a respected Mommy in the Long Roller Coaster Line Community.  Rocky pouted for the next few turns in the line, but forgot about the whole incident by the time we got on the ride.

She would remember the incident vividly when she woke up the next morning and discovered her face covered with rash!  I tried to be sympathetic, I tried to be a caring mother, but I couldn't!  I laughed long and hard every time I saw her blotchy little face.  At one point she was even in tears... not from pain or discomfort, but from embarassment.  All those warnings I had given her... and what does she do?  She deliberately defied me, and this was the result.  I think once her resentment wore off and the rash subsided, Rocky had a new respect for me and my advice.  Of course she had all but forgotten it by the end of the summer.  But thats okay, because I've got pictures!

The scariest ride I have ever ridden on was the X at Magic Mountain.  Now I've always been terrified of roller coasters and only recently over came the fear while at Disneyland a couple days earlier, so I was still very apprehensive.  However, the recent discovery that I was an adrenaline junkie despite my phobias, had me rushing back in line, pushing my own kids out of the way in an affort to get on the ride sooner.  The X started out slow, but after it takes you to the starting point, it flips the carriage upside down and the riders plummet over the drop backwards!  Nothing but sky!  Absolutely terrifying.  In fact it was so terrifying that I had to ride it again just to make sure that I was really scared.  I think the second time around was even more thrilling because of the anticipation factor.  At any rate, the X was both, the scariest and the best ride I have ever been on.  Would I go on it again?  You betcha!

Weekend Assignment #63: Amusing Amusement Park Moments


sdoscher458 said...

I love roller coasters! We used to go to Rockaway Beach & Coney Island in New York...they had the best get to the top & they make you stay just viewing the drop thats coming..oh my! you take me back...The new ones don't have that much appeal to me...I like the old fashioned, climb in a car type...Sandi...

mechants said...

We went to Six Flags St. Louis last year. I remember Mr. Freeze being the most scariest ride ever invented. And after I got off, I was so shaken that I had to wipe a few tears away. I didn't go on any other rides after that. My husband though, did the the Dragon Wing, which is sort a gliding bungee jump. I think he's insane.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. She wiped the plant on her face!! Ohhh, kids never listen, do they? I bet she will next time though!


apocalypso1379 said...

That "X" ride looks scary, just judging by the way they have you strapped into it!!  Great stories!!

<3 Rachel

rashgirl13 said...

And I hope she learned not to put plants onto her face anymore!

sunnyside46 said...

what a great mommy moment!

madmanadhd said...

Great story. Oh the wisdom of mommies. I'm sure you didn't do the "I told you so." Does make for a good memory, and with pictures besides.

Love the shot of you guys on the coaster.

Here is my weekend assignment. Please come over sometime… no ticket required and all height restrictions have been waived.

ryanagi said...

hahahahaha! I can't believe she did that! AND got a rash! Very satisfying mommy moment indeed.

etherealpeachy said...

Great Story. I have to admit I laughed, simply because I'd done the same type of thing, not listened to my mother when I should have and then proptly found she was right, I was wrong and I was so mad that my mother had been right.
Thanks for stopping by my journal.

mavarin said...

I love the plant rash story, and this immortal sentence: "In fact it was so terrifying that I had to ride it again just to make sure that I was really scared."  Hmm.  Perhaps I should reconsider trying California Screamin'. - Karen

onemoretina said...

    This is the kind of thing you secretly envision happening as a mother.  Where ya don't have to say " I told you so " because someone ( or, in this case, someTHING ) does it for you.  You feel bad for them....BUT !!  lol    By the way, I haven't been to Elitch's since the remodel, some years back.  ( We left Denver in 1991 ) Is it nice ? Tina  

krazishyone said...

I love think kids would listen......but NO!!!!!  T she';; NEVER rub another leaf on her face again..hehehe.I love roller coasters myself....Drop Zone is another good one.but make sure NOTING in stomach before hand