Sunday, June 5, 2005

HOUSE GUESTS, and an extreme sacrifice.

My sister-in-law is under the weather and trying to adjust to some new medication she is taking for chronic pain.  She is so young, too young to be this miserable.  Anyhow, with school out for the summer we have offered to take her 3 children for a few weeks to let her rest up and get used to the medication without having to worry about her children.  Dickidoo is driving out to get our nieces and nephew.  I'm excited because I have not met them yet.  Dickidoo is also going to try to see our grandbaby.  I can't go along because Art has summer school, but Dickidoo will be taking lots of pictures if he can arrange a visit.  Lots of pictures with... my Nikon!  Nooooooo!  He can't take my baby, I've never been without my baby.  We've never been apart since I got it.  What if something happens to it, who will protect it, who will wipe it down and recharge its battery?

I'm already going through anxiety issues and he hasn't even left yet.  What will I do with myself if not clicking my exposure button?  I shall surely go mad.  Truth be known its probably a conspiracy, a trick Dickidoo has come up with to get me to actually do some housework instead of galavanting around town taking pictures.  But thats okay, I will make the sacrifice if it means getting a picture of my grandbaby.  And just maybe I will be able to make the trip back east when our neices and nephew goes back home, and get to see little Zachary with my own eyes, and love him, and hold him.... Got my fingers crossed on that one, and my toes crossed, my arms and legs crossed.  I even have my eyes crossed!

But in the mean time, what will I do with myself without my camera? Ahhhhhhhhhggggggggg!


pengboo said...

Oh no...say it isn't so.  Not housework....anything but housework!!  The dustbunnies have been so happy!!

demandnlilchit said...

Could be worse he could be taking the Nikon and the coffee maker again!!!!!!!!!!lmaoooooooooo

mumma4evr said...

be glad y ou still have the coffee maker!!!

cneinhorn said...

yea at least he's not taking the bunnomatic and the camera!  my hubby wanted to take the camera on the no no!  I can't live without it that long!  LOL  I did give him the 35mm SLR though...since I got the Digital SLR the other camera has been collecting dustbunnies ;-)  I hope dickidoo gets lots of photos of the wee one...have fun with all those kiddies    

artloner said...

Ya could get him a cheapy digital at WallyWorld or something, but I never said that!


ps: thank you for being such a good sister, I know she appreciates it more than she can ever say.

sdoscher458 said...

That is so nice of you guys to do that for your SIL.  You will almost have enough kids for a team, borrow a couple more from the neighbors and you can play ball!LOL....Seriously, I'm so glad that you will get to see your'll see that little bit of life will make your heart flip...mine did.  Sandi

heathyrxmarie said...

Dorn, I *SO* hope that you can see your grandbaby!  I will be crossing my fingers too!

sunnyside46 said...

wow,you are w;onderful to take the kids!

cneinhorn said...

what no camera = no entry??!!  ;-)  I need my dustbunny fix!  Hope all is well with you and your houseguests :-)

brandyp0509 said...

Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt (not that I ever doubted it, lol) that you are a beautiful person.  Most people don't want the responsibility of their own children let alone extras for any reason no matter how good.  You have a huge heart and terrific spirit and I am grateful I get to "share" it by reading your J.  Thank you for that, Brandy