Wednesday, June 8, 2005


My son is in the 3/187th.  He was initially to be assigned to a new unit but instead was put into a unit with a long, distinguished history and was almost immediately put through Air Assault School.  The 3/187th served during the Korean War.  Gabe was recently chosen as an escort for a ceremony honoring veterans of the unit during the Korean War.  His Grandfather Ronald was also a Korean War Vet, and his great Uncle Hashin was killed while serving in Korea so it was a great honor for him to serve as an escort at this ceremony.  I try not to think of the steadily approaching time for his own deployment into the battle zone. 

This picture was taken by Jane Renninger of Asheville, NC who took the time to befriend my son and some of the other escorts.  Gabe didn't know much about her but thinks she might be married to one of the honored Veterans.  Mrs. Renninger, if you see this, thank you for the lovely picture and for the wonderful note you sent to Gabe.  To Mr. Renninger, thank you for your service and dedication.   And thank you for giving my son a history to be proud of.


demandnlilchit said...

Oh Jody! He's so handsome and proud.......I am so impressed with that young man of yours!

sdoscher458 said...

He looks guys have raised him right. I know it's hard when they leave the next, I'm suffering from the "empty nest syndrome"...I need one of the grandbabies to bounce on my knee & read a story to....Sandi

mumma4evr said...

great pic!!!!

sunnyside46 said...

bless that strong young man that is still your baby & bring him home safely to you

ambassadorsinte said...

As a Korean War Veteran myself, I am really impressed that Gabe is not only represented, but also escorted Veterans of that conflict.  
Another point heard over the years about Korea being "The Forgotten War" was certainly not the case for Korean Veterans from the state of Iowa.  I received a Korean War bonus to thank me for being in the military during that time (Thank You Iowa).
Welcome to the Airborne Gabe and I know you'll never regret being a member.
Proud Grandfather of Gabe.

brandyp0509 said...

My dad was a Korean War vet so I think this is great.  I know you are very proud of your son!

cneinhorn said...

great pic he looks very handsome in uniform you must be so proud.  that was nice that mrs renninger took the photo for you

hestiahomeschool said...

He is so incredibly handsome. I pray for him and my little brother in one breath every night.  :-)