Friday, June 17, 2005


Oompa Loompa training camp is in full swing.  The older loompas from the mountain have taken the role of mentor but it is obvious that the two different regional breeds share the same bloodline.  Communication was established immediately and the chattering has been non-stop and deafening, pausing only briefly when their mouths are engaged in the consumption of nourishment which replenishes their already maximized energy levels.  They even talk in their sleep, I kid you not!

The Southern Oompas are cleaning up the livingroom even as I type.    Cleaning up means taking everything that is laying around the room and stacking it in a precarious tower by my feet.  This tower will no doubt end up scattered across the floor the moment I try to get up from this chair but I'll deal with that later.  I guess its obvious which side of the family the dormant domestic gene comes from.  The Mountain Oompas (who by the way are still asleep) would never volunteer for such a task.

I took all of the kids to the zoo yesterday.  When we got to the reptile house my nephew decided that he wanted to touch the pythons and anacondas.  NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!  I think he believed me after the 3rd NO! but I just wanted to make sure.  My hero status may have been revoked because of my unwillingness to accomodate his request but we will both live and that is what matters. 

I managed to steer clear of the monkey house.  I entered the zoo with 7 children and if I went to visit the primates I may have been tempted to leave with a few less of my own.  The last time we came a female lowland gorilla took a liking to Rocky so I know for a fact I can get her adopted out with no problem.

Today will be a 'chill out' day.  The cousins are not quite aclimated to our altitude so we will just hang out here in the house for the day.  And tonight we will have a back yard camp-out.  The weather should be nice, but I guess I should have checked to see if the moon would be full, that could be a bad thing!  In anticipation of sharing the confines of a small dome tent with the Loopas, all meals will be neutral and bland, with no gaseous after effects.  Maybe if I feed them cake all day it may be safe to share the tent with them tonight.  This will definitely take some careful planning.


rashgirl13 said...

LOL!  I love your kids, and hey, any help is still more help than you doing it by yourself : D

jasmineandlace11 said...

you are so much fun! The kids are blessed to have you..wish you were my auntie:)

mumma4evr said...

I know form experience that any food  taken inot hte body makes for gaseuos relases....water might be the way to go!

sdoscher458 said...

Oh what a nice picture all the Oompa Loompa quietly sitting...are they waiting to pounce? You are making great memories for these kids....Sandi

heathyrxmarie said...

Oh my goodness! Soo many of them :)  It sounds like you guys are having such a fun time, though!  I'm jealous! Can I come to Oompa Loompa Camp?



mechants said...

Oompa Loompas are great, aren't they? Yours are adorable, both southern and mountain!


purplectigger said...

You are so wonderful to do all this for those kids. Most parents just turn there kids loose in the summer and hope they aren't in jail when it comes time for school to start in the fall.
Hugs, R.C.

otto9613944 said...

hey, i really liked this entry. these look like some crazy cats. good luck with them. have a great weekend, dave..

sunnyside46 said...

i want to come play with you
How old is everybody?