Tuesday, June 28, 2005

WALLERMELON, and Dickidoo's death wish.

The tent comes down today.  My excuse... its been up for 2 weeks and we need to let the grass beneath breath.  The real reason... we need to let ME breath!  Watermelon... thats what they ate last night... bbq ribs, and watermelon.  And still they pooted, in stereo, from both sides of the tent!  I had to roll over onto my stomach and hide my nose in my pillow!  Farts happen, this I know, but that was ridiculous!  That can't be normal.

Wallermelon , thats what the littlest one calls it.  She had everyone saving the seeds so we could plant them.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that her Auntie's horticultural skills are limited to various species of refrigerator mold.  And in this case I almost hope my curse holds because otherwise my yard will be over run by hundreds of wallermelon plants, and after last night's experience with the potent after-effects, I think I could do without an endless supply of wallermelon!

Today I begin another domestic abnormality for myself.  Today I begin sewing, the sewing of the costumes for the fair to be precise.  This weekend we are going to the Renaissance Festival and I have to make outfits for all of the children.  The girls will be easy, I'll just adjust a few of my old skirts and dresses.  The guys... hehehehehe.... maybe I'll just get a bunch of green tights and they can go as Robin Hood, Men in Tights! 

Dickidoo has a death wish.  He just graduated from college, he has his fancy, schmancy degree, the world thinks he's smart, his diploma says he might be... and then what does he ask me at the store? 

"Can I borrow the Bunn-Omatic for this week's training session?"  I just stood there laughing at him in the coffee aisle (I love the smell of that aisle!)  I guess between my demented cackling and the look on my face he got the message and decided that perhaps he would just take the coffee pot from the breakroom.  What is wrong with that man?  Doesn't he understand that he can't just take someone's coffee pot like that withouthaving serious reprecussions?  He insisted that the pot in the breakroom was unused.  For his sake I hope thats true because otherwise he will have a riot on his hands when his co-workers discover that their caffeine supply has been cut off.  My supply line has been defended though, and thats what matters.  Keep your hands off my Bunn!


rashgirl13 said...


Hey at least she's cute when she says "Wallermelon"

amy122389 said...

ROFL - 'Keep your hands off my Bunn'  I love it.....


jrmkiss said...

Love your way of putting things! How do I become a member of the DBCONA? lol

sdoscher458 said...

LOL...I remember you telling me that you have a "purple" thumb nothing grows..but that's okay you are growing children very well...with them it's "feed daily lots of love, sprinkle with humor occasionally, be authoritive only occasionally...watch out for "bad weeds" around them - stand back & let them grow!....Oh, boy not the coffee pot again....oh the pain...Sandi

mechants said...

My sister-in-law dances at Renaissance fairs and such. I'm always jealous of the dresses she makes. They're so pretty. Maybe one day, I'll learn how to sew and make myself one. I won't even need a fair to wear it to... I'll just wear it around the house. Heheheh


swmpgrly said...

I love wallamelon!

scotthlori said...

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!  Gotta get one of my girls doing the same!


mamamiah41 said...


LOL!!  Cute tootin kiddos......................you are brave sleeping with the little gas machines.  

i have gone to great lengths to make sure that I have all things needed for my coffee supply.  My hubbie drank the last of the milk the other day so when i got up i had black coffee.  now mind you coffee is okay black but all is not  right in the world when my first cup of java isn't exactly to my liking.  Believe me he heard about it, and since then i leave coffee money for him.  let him go to the store and leave my stash alone!   Blessings! Mamamiah41

princesssaurora said...

I, too, am a serious coffee drinker!  I am impressed by your restraint!  I think my look would have immediately been followed by a slap across the face and then possibly a 911 call, so I give you "props" as the kids say!!!

Be well!


sinnermeetevil said...

nice pic. the wallermelon lol looks god mmmmmm. cute kids. good luck bringing the tent down!



xxlilfweak1231xx said...

this is soooooo funny!!!   your hubby is a comedian isnt he???  
olivia had me waking up at 3 in the morning the other day because of her gas....  i got the febreeze and sprayed her butt!!!  lol

purplectigger said...

Lets hope the watermelon seeds don't all take, what a mess.
Is the man crazy ? Take the coffee pot . NO WAY ! I would be totaly crazy with out mine.
Hugs, R.C.

gotomaria said...

Hey there!  Congrats on being the Guest Editors pick this week!  Way to go!

heathyrxmarie said...

Dickidoo certainly isn't thinking, is he?  Asking for the Bunn-O-Matic, tsk tsk.  Men.  They just don't get it!  And I love the photo! Soo cute! The oompa's are adorable!

sunnyside46 said...

i would have thiught it was an exercise machine!
The oompas are so cute with their wallermellon

astaryth said...

Oooooohhhh! Didn't he learn last year about the importance of leaving your Bunn-o-matic alone????????? Geez!

shooser1 said...

Gosh, I don't think I've ever seen watermelon that deep of a red before!  Beautiful!  I also love the smell of the coffee aisle.  Even better, give me a bag of freshly ground coffee to stick my nose over!  LOL!  I'm like you too - hand off the Bunn or someone will get hurt!   Take care, Sheila