Wednesday, June 8, 2005


I've spent the past few days child-proofing the house in anticipation of my neices and nephew's visit.  Okay, honestly I haven't even gotten to the childproofing yet, I'm still in the rearranging of rooms and removal of garbage stage.  My computer has finally been moved upstairs to the livingroom.  There goes the last vestige of privacy for me.  Now when I sit down at the computer, I have at least 2 sets of eyes peering over my shoulders like vultures, and they pounce upon my Dell the moment I step away.  The only good thing I see in this move is that the Bunn-omatic Pour-Omatic is now just about 10 feet away from my Dell-Omatic! 

Gabe finally got through to us yesterday after over a week of silence.  He had participated in a Korean War Ceremony and I believe he escorted former members of his unit from that war.  The wife of I believe one of these past soldiers had taken a picture of Gabe from the ceremony and sent it here to the house.  He was dressed in an old uniform and looked sooooo cool.  I'll have to post it once I get the scanner set up.  I'm jealous that Dickidoo and Becca get to see him this weekend, and maybe even little Zachary.  That still hasn't been arranged and we may have to wait until the return trip later on in the summer, but I shall be able to go then.

So, anyhow, back to cleaning.  This is crazy!  I pulled 2 bags of waste paper out of the computer room alone!  Art slept in there last night, but he still has his bed frame, his dresser and all of his other stuff in his old room so we can't even start on moving Rocky into her new room yet!  Hopefully that will happen today.  The kids will all be splitting up this weekend, Becca will go with her father to help with her cousins on the trip back from Kentucky.  Zack and Art will be going north with our friend Singe to participate in a flintknapper's get-together.  This will be Zack's 3rd time, but its Art's first.  Anyhow, that leaves Rocky and me home... to finish cleaning the house and getting it ready for our visitors.  Yay!  Thanks guys, you shouldn't have.  No, really, you shouldn't have!  And I shall be Nikon-less all weekend... its a cruel life that I live.  Woe is me!


cneinhorn said...

ahh the dustbunnyclub is back in action!  thanks for my morning read, it's always a treat.  I'm sorry you are going through Nikon withdrawels....if you lived closer I'd have to share my Canon with you and you'd be a canon convert ;-)

enjoy your day jody

cneinhorn said...

oh and get that scanner set up, we want to see that pic (I'm speaking for all your fans here!)  ;-)  and i'm your first comment of the day too, woohoo.  

rashgirl13 said...

Sorry to hear that you have to clean with just your daughter if I lived closer I'd come help : )

sunnyside46 said...

so, loved your entry as always,but I feel an urgent need to know,what is a flintknapper?

brandyp0509 said...

Don't even get me started on the amount of trash that moves through this house on a daily basis, lol just let me say two kids still in diapers and two kids who love to draw nonstop and a pig of a husband, lol.  I sympathize with you!  Brandy

swmpgrly said...

I hate when someones over my shoulder like that .
not that i have anything to hide but still dont like it.

paintsaqha said...

My, it sounds like you have been burning the midnight oil lately~!~  I know the feeling of trying to childproof your home....  When I was in the process of getting my daycare license, I discovered a really cool way to childproof the house, this is going to sound corny and stupid but it really works...  Ok, lay down on the floor and see how far each limb can reach out in each direction, now look to see if there is any danger.. ie... mini-blind cords hanging down along the wall, extension cords... lol... or worse yet, if a table cloth is within your reach it could be something for the little tyke to grab onto to pull themselves  up on, only to drag the contents of the table down on their heads.. Cute description Umpa Lumpa's  I sat here and giggled and then giggled some more.

Your son is so handsome and looks so proud and good in his uniform!  I keep him in my prayers and thoughts until he is once again back in your arms and this conflict is over and all of our young men and women are back home safe and sound....