Sunday, June 12, 2005

DAY 4 1/2

The excitement still hasn't worn off, I am constantly finding myself pulling up the pictures and then just melting with emotions as I gaze at that little face.  There's something else too though... I have come to the conclusion that the giddy feeling in my stomach is more than just emotions.  At first I thought it was nerves or stress, and a bit of exhaustion.  But now I'm sure its just down right sickness!  Don't know what I've got, but it is sucking the energy from my body.  This bites!  There's still too much to do around the house, I don't have time to be sick!  Going to have to mark the calendar for this.... 'plan on being sick on Friday through the weekend'.  Any time before is just not possible.  Agh!

I've been keeping an eye on the weather along the I-70 corridor.  Dickidoo will be driving back that way and doesn't want to be caught on the road when extreme weather conditions are in the area.  He's got too precious a cargo to be caught in a tornado.  The good thing is he's given himself lots of time to get back so he won't feel the need to rush back and take unneccesary risks. 

Been working on laundry all day.  How can we have so much laundry?  Art suggested lighting a fire in the fire place and just chucking everything in it.  Sounds tempting, it really does.  I keep saying that once I get caught up on the laundry I will stay on top of it, but I've been saying that for 21 years now and its never happened.  Perhaps moving into a nudist colony would help.  Of course our neighbors might complain about the scenery, but I'll never have to mess with laundry again!

Goodness, 10 minutes have passed since I started writing this entry.  Thats 10 minutes that have passed without me seeing my little grandbaby's picture.  Gotta go!  I've got a lot of lost time to make up for.


mom23nca said...

You need to print lots of copies of the pictures and tape them all around the house.

sunnyside46 said...

oh, there is more laundry coming to you down that road!
It never seems like we have anything to wear,but we sure wash a lot!

candi1951 said...

This will be your downfall!  When I saw that baby come out of my daughter, I thought my life had ended.  The good days are just ahead!  The day he looks at you and points and says your name.  His first Christmas.  I truly hope that you can share in all those joys.  Grandma is easier than mother, you just spoil them then leave!!!!!!!! LMAO Wishing you much joy.

cneinhorn said...

i've been saying the same thing about the laundry...once I get caught up I won't slack off anymore, until I get caught up and then take a break and the cycle continues!  just think how many more photos you will have of the little guy when dickidoo returns!  will you even give him a hello kiss, or just grab the camera and run to the 'puter USB cable in tow?  LOL ;-)