Saturday, June 11, 2005

DAY 3 (going nuts, but its not my fault!)

Okay, they are there... I hope.  I hope that they are hugging little Zachary, and telling him how much he is loved.  I hope they are taking hundreds of pictures, and when the memory card is full, that they unload it onto the laptop and take hundreds more.

Of course I don't know what they are doing, because they haven't CALLED!  They were supposed to call last night.  Thats the rule, call each night before bed so I know where they are.  They did not and I sat up crossed eyed and weary with worry.  This morning by 10, still no call so I called them.  'Sorry, we got in late and went straight to be!'  Must have been nice to sleep... while I was wide awake worrying!  But I say okay, just call me later.  Well, its later... Hello?  I don't hear my phone ringing!

Theres probably nothing to worry about, but how would I know?  Nobody calls me!  Agh!  I should have gone myself and left Dickidoo to clean the house.  No, of course I'm not jealous that he gets to hold our grandchild before I do.... what ever gave you that idea?

(I'll bet he smells Heavenly.  Angels smell like a newly bloomed flower after a morning rain, like the wind over fresh fallen snow, they smell like dew, and sunshine.  Angels smell like moonlight and fluffy white clouds.  Angels smell like babies. I miss that fragrance.)

By the way, if anyone got an alert for Dustbunnies entitled 'Grand Canyon', but clicked the link and it wasn't there, that was Dickidoo's fault.  I am suffering from sleep deprivation due to worry and posted my photo journal entry here instead of on my photo journal.  I moved it over and the pictures can be view at Through the Eyes of the Beholder..... .  I apologize for the confusion, because I care and wouldn't want anyone to worry... unlike SOMEONE else that I know!


astaryth said...

MMmmmmm... Don't you just love Baby smell?? And puppy smell.... and kitty smelll.... Aww heck, anything that is a baby just smells goo <g>

heathyrxmarie said...

LOL! Dorn you are cracking me up!  I sure hope that they get home soon so you will have your Nikon back in your care!

Oh, and you will be posting pics of the grandbaby, won't you?

gifdude said...

Breath deeply...Inhale...exhale.

Do it again.


And once again!

Do you need me to send you to Ghana (AOL Journal pic) :D

sdoscher458 said...

Hang in there will be over soon....they'll be home quickly, don't worry...and the people too!......Sandi

sunnyside46 said...

i saw some detergent that was marketed as having baby smell. I think I will buy it

paintsaqha said...

Reminds me of a joke... This blonde goes to the dentist and tells him to NOT remove her headphones... this goes on for several visits without any problems and on the 4th or 5th visit he accidently knocks her heaphones off... She stopped breathing and died... Curious he picks up the headphones and listens in.. It says "Breathe in, Breathe out" over and over....  Sorry my version of this joke really sucks but I can't seem to find the original to put here.....  But you get the general idea...