Saturday, April 15, 2006

BEANO™ extendtabs and Easter

"Watch out for the latent Taco Bell farts...."
Comment from princesssaurora- 4/14/06 9:52 AM

Boy, isn't THAT the truth!  Isn't it strange how something that smells sooooo good going in can smell sooooo bad coming out?!  I wonder if Beano™ comes in time released caplets, we could probably use some right about now.

I spent 8 hours yesterday selling manic shoppers a plethora of Easter goodies.... foil wrapped chocolate cartoon characters, gourmet jelly beans, plastic licensed character eggs, themed character coloring books, nighties and boxer shorts (?), you name it, someone manufactures it and I sell it to my customers.  Sadly I fear that we as a society are losing sight of the meaning of Easter.  I have decided that I will not participate in the almost obscene commercialization of such a sacred holiday.  I wonder if people even remember why we celebrate the day.  I for one intend to go back to the origins.  Tomorrow, after feasting on hard boiled eggs and chocolate bunnies we shall watch the classic story about 'Peter Cottontail' on the VCR.  Later we will gather for a traditional Easter Egg hunt and finally we shall sit around the fireplace and sing traditional Easter songs like 'Here Comes Peter Cottontail' and 'Little Bunny Foo Foo'.

Actually... tomorrow I get to work the morning shift, which means that I will be manning the registers while all of the last minute Easter shoppers, some in their Sunday best,  dig through the left-over jelly beans and complain about our lack of selection.  And there will almost surely be some who will demand a 50% discount but when I am unable to give them one, these devoted observers of the holiday will proceed to call me and the company every 25¢ word* in the book, leaving my ears burning and my mind wondering if they really actually pray with that mouth.

Which will make my return home to my awaiting family all the more enjoyable.  I don't know yet what we shall eat for dinner, I guess it doesn't really matter.  What does matter is that we will be able to share conversation and thoughts over a nice meal.  Zack will be at work but he has planned aspecial treat for his siblings.  Sadly Gabe will be far away fighting for another country's rights and freedoms, but he will be in our thoughts, as always.  And it won't be too much longer before he will share our dinner table again.

Today's countdown banner compliments of the very talented 'deslily'.  Thanks Pat!

*Note: The term '25¢ word' refers to cuss words, which cost me a quarter each time I am caught using them in front of the Oompas.


deslily said...

oh geez Dorn!.. egg farts are as bad as any I know!!..  you aren't going to breath fresh air for a while yet! lol lol..

(nice banner lol)

justplainbill said...

Liked your sarcasm and the new banner. Have a Happy Easter.

plittle said...

We'll be celebrating a more traditional Easter as well. We'll gather before first light to witness the dawn, after which we will sacrifice a bull to the goddess. Later that evening the orgy will start...

bucky770 said...

lolololol Jo,

You remind me of watching Roseanne

Your like the Modern day Roseanne... but skinny and prettier and Nicer

LOL instead of being from Illinois your from Lanford, Colorado


and your blog is about your kids lol and your day to day life

haha they outta make a sitcom on that


Happy easter,

mumma4evr said...


princesssaurora said...

I knew those latent ones would be the rankist!  LOL  Ignore all the cranky last minute shoppers...they did it to themselves!  I send you prayers for a good Easter and an even better spring!

Be well,

jackiebenice said...

I hate easter shoppers...i dealt with all the hams..and all the other food that will come out smelling badly :-\

Take careee and have a happy happpy HAPPPPY easter


am4039 said...

love the graphic with Gabe. Happy Easter and I hope you have a great day.