Thursday, April 27, 2006

DIRTY DISH FAIRY (recycled entry)

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Got up this morning and hurried to the kitchen with anticipation, but my excitement immediately turned to disappointment.  The Dirty Dish Fairy had once again skipped my house.  Last night's dinner dishes decorated the counter and sink, pots and pans still on the stove top.  I sank into the nearest chair and stared in disbelief.  How could this be, why am I always forgotten?  My friends and neighbors wake up to clean counters and sparkling dishes, but not I!  Did I do something wrong to make the Dirty Dish Fairy hate me so?  I've noticed that on occasion my offerings of left-overs have been devoured, but the dirty dishes remain.  Sadly I must accept the fact that the Dirty Dish Fairy no longer loves me.  That's okay, I still have the Dirty Laundry Fairy!


Day 3 and still no Dirty Dish Fairy.  Have had to break out the paper plates.  The situation is getting desperate.
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dornbrau - 5/16/04 11:39 PM


Day 803:  Kitchen counter has become a vast wasteland of dishes stained and tarnished with the unidentifiable remnants of meals from days long past. Have been approached several times by Dixie corporation for monopolizing the supply of their products.  Dirty Laundry Fairy eloped with Dirty Dish Fairy in spring of 2005 after my failed attempt to negotiate a new contract to include dish duties.  Now my house is filled with dirty dishes AND dirty laundry.  All is lost.
Unless I can get in touch with Mr. Clean, or that Janitor in a Drum dude!
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dornbrau - 4/27/06 10:23 AM




deslily said...

well golly gee whiz!.. imagine that!  I think both those fairies not only eloped but quit their jobs!  I haven't seen one of those in decades!!

ohhh that's a cute countdown today!!  It's really getting close!!!  (those fairies had better wake up and smell the coffee before Gabe gets home!!!)

deshelestraci said...

She always skips my house too!  Makes me mad.  When and if you see her give her a kick from me!  lol

xomywayox said...

A oldie but no never mind, I'm not fond of washing dishes either.


princesssaurora said...

Oooh the new Mr Clean is hunky.... get him!!!

Ps... come see my ponderings on toilet paper...

be well,

jckfrstross said...

i wondered what happened to the dirty dish fairy lol its 73 now but they are saying another storm is on its way


sdoscher458 said...

I lost all my fairy helpers so many years ago I lost count.  Take it from me a fire hose is a friend indeed when all else fails. I'm now waiting for a robot to come and save me...don't care if it's an android or one that looks like a tin can as long as it washes dishes and laundry! LOL....still counting down too for ya....Sandi

cooltropics said...

I have a secret to share with you ... Dirty Dish Fairy and Dirty Laundry Fairy .. DO in FACT make surprise visits!!  Mark my words .... no sooner 12 days and a wake up is upon you, you will begin BELLOWING ALMIGHTY PRAISES to these two fairies, and they will be sooooooooooo impressed, and do the impossible ... JUST ENOUGH to put your mind at ease; you'll even discover that you DONT have to stop at the loungerie dept after work for a complete new set of clean undies!  hmmmm ... i wonder if "fairy helpers" would like some more craft items?  LOL