Wednesday, April 12, 2006

EYEBROW SHAPING: grooming or masochism?

Today is another day off from work, so I trimmed my eye brows.  I learned a few years back never to pluck my eye brows before work or any other outing.  The last time I did, everyone asked me if I had done my brows.  I walked around feeling good about the trim, but a little disappointed that the change was so drastic that everyone felt compelled to make mention of it, until a visit to the ladies room revealed the reason for their comments.

The area that I had plucked had become swollen from the trauma of forced hair-removal.  And because I have a growth of fine hair covering my entire face, the plucked area, now devoid of the thick over growth, lay exposed, pale and splotchy against my otherwise darkly tanned face.  I looked like Peking Man's sister!

So anyhow, now days when I pluck my brows, it is done on a day when I won't be going out into the public, such as today, to give my face a little healing time.  Another problem I face is that once I start plucking and shape my brow... where do I stop plucking?  I can shape my brow with no problem but there will always be a bald patch surrounding my perfectly shaped arches, sans the hair-bridge that once joined them.  To say that I look like a panda bear is a harsh but apt analogy.

This morning I worked tirelessly on the plucking and shaping, and then trimming.  Once again the vanity sink was buried in hair clippings.  The roots from the lone white hair growing in my right eyebrow had gotten so long that they reached clear down to my sinuses and triggered a flash flood from my nose when I tried to pluck the stubborn hair. 

So here I sit with swollen brow, drippy nose and an uncontrollable twitch in my right eye as it slowly tries to recover from the trauma it had so recently endured during my vani-cure and I can't help but wonder why I do this to myself.  Why do I torture my body in such a way?  Is it for me?  No!  I'm quite happy with my unibrow, which doubles as a shade on bright sunny days.  For Dickidoo?  His unibrow is thicker than mine, and he has NEVER plucked it for me.  For others around me?  Well, it will take more than the removal of facial hair to make my profile more eye-friendly so no... my meager attempts at facial grooming does not benefit those around me either.

That settles it, I'm hanging up my tweezer/ suture needle holder and returning it to the fishing tackle box where it belongs.  No more eyebrow torture for me!  Goodbye eye-art, hello unibrow!



sdoscher458 said...

LOL..I can feel your pain, really I do.  I think as we age we get hairer too so that's not something to look forward to. Sandi

xomywayox said...

LoL Honey this why there are professionals to do such task! Uggh the pain you put yourself through. LoL


lazarai said...

Actually, Sandi may not be right about that getting hairier when we're older thing. I am probably older than both of you -- turned 49 a coupla weeks ago, ACK!! -- but I'm here to tell you that my eyebrows, which I used to tweeze daily -- have, for the most part, stopped growing! I only tweeze once in a blue moon anymore. My leg hair has also slowed down - not stopped entirely, but it takes alot longer to be covered in nubs again. That's the GOOD news.

The BAD news is that a few of those missing hairs have reappeared on my chin! Just a couple, but now THAT needs to be checked. Just can't win. I am thankful, though, that I am NOT a man. My husband is losing all the hair on his head, and the lost hairs are appearing everywhere else on him - nose, ears, back.....EWWW.

Finally found the benefits of being female. LOL

:) Carol

princesssaurora said...

You are a priceless gem.... Thank you for making my day....

be well,

sugar1337 said...

I usually get mine waxed every few months that way I can keep the shape that I want.  Luckily I don't have much pain from plucking anymore, I think I have been doing it too long.

gdireneoe said...

Wax Dorn...wax. ;)  C.

am4039 said...

lol good for you, hang it up.