Friday, April 14, 2006

HILLBILLY BUFFET and gifts for the Grandbaby

We decided to take the kids out to eat last night at the Hillbilly Buffet (also known as Sams Club) ... but all of the samples were gone by the time we got there.  We ended up eating Taco Bell, as if we really needed to replenish the Oompas' fuel tanks!  The truck sounded like a broken tuba and smelled like a landfill.  Those kids were leaking from both ends and it was rank!  As hot as it was, we had to turn off the air conditioner and open all the windows just so we could breath.

The heat of the night just intensified my irritability and made me very cross.  I was sticking to myself and it felt positively icky.  It was sweltering.  Supposedly it was only 70 degrees yesterday, but that didn't include the 'wind still factor', which is the increased heat that just hangs in the air when there is no breeze to move it around and cool it down.  It may only have been 70 degrees but it felt like 100!  On a positive note, maybe if I sweat enough I'll lose some weight.

Or maybe it was just the full moon that had me all off kilter.  What ever it was, it has passed, which is a good thing because I was in good enough spirits to resist kneeing Dickidoo in a tender spot when he wouldn't wake up this morning to turn off the dang blasted alarm clock he had set for the ridiculous hour of 4 am, and I settled instead to just kick his leg instead.  And when the kids asked to eat the left over tacos for breakfast I happily gave my permission, after all, they will be at school when their systems finish processing the ingredients and start releasing the excess built up pressure and all of the wonderful fragrances that go along with it.  So long as they get it out of their systems before I get home from work they can eat what ever they want!

I sent a little green Easter Bunny to my grandson yesterday.  I wanted to send a real bunny but didn't think the critter would appreciate the trip.  I am beginning to understand why some grandparents who frequent my store always seem to go over board on gifts for their grandkids.  I used to roll my eyes when they would fuss over buying a Valentines Day or Saint Patrick's Day present.  Saint Patrick's Day present?  Saint Patrick's Day is for the wearing of the green, pinches, corned beef and cabbage... and BEER!  You don't give each other gifts... unless its BEER!  But now... now I'm beginning to understand, and I find myself just as guilty of trying to finding a reason, no matter how small, to spoil my little Grandbaby... whom I will get to meet and hold in just under a month's time!


debbi4873 said...

I know exactly what you mean.  I can spend hours picking out the right card, and gifts, they have to be perfect.  

and a waterfall of blessings for Gabe.

mumma4evr said...

counting the days right along with you!

princesssaurora said...

I am so happy for you that Gabe and Grandbaby will be here soon!  So, your kids have school today on Good Friday?  I thought since banks are closed all schools are too, guess not!  lol  Learn something new every day!  

Watch out for the latent Taco Bell farts....

be well,

hewasolddog299 said...

Whoa, lil doggies! Save some of the grandmotherly spirit for when you really need it ... like at Xmas time some 10 or 12 years hence, when confronted by needing to do gifts for 16 grandchildren and you haven't got an income any more. Kapisch?

justplainbill said...

Hillbilly Buffet (also known as Sams Club) ...

Well you did it again. Read that three times before it sank in and then I lol. Thanks Bill

Happy Easter to you, yours and all your readers.

gdlywom said...

HEE-HEE....the "Hillbilly Buffet".....that's HOT...I'll have to use that one!  Aren't their samples DELICIOUS?!?  What I wanna know is, does anyone actually BUY the stuff they sample, because I know that once my husband and I see the price, we offer up a quick "No Thanks" and run off!  Happy Easter! :-)


am4039 said...

I love the "Hillbilly Buffet" never heard it before but did I laugh. Have a great Easter.