Saturday, April 22, 2006


"My son, and you guys, my friends and beer are what I miss most."

"Right now I'm in the internet place smoking, listening to music, drinking coffee, wishing it was a beer."

(Yep, thats my boy!)


princesssaurora said...

{{{ Jody }}}} Soon...

be well,

sdoscher458 said...

It's been a long tough year for you guys, I know you are waiting with baited breathe....Sandi

justplainbill said...

Only three more weeks. Trust it will go fast for you.

jckfrstross said...

he will be home soon :)


kimbellina1956 said...

I cant wait til your son gets home, Jody!! The other thing I am anxious for (as I am positive you are as well) is the day you get to hold your lil grandbaby. I would give ANYTHING to be a fly on the wall the day you lay your eyes on him!! :)
Hugs my friend,

bucky770 said...


Get him to quit smoking

thats so bad!!!

Sigh..... Thinks about Pam :(

Its 2 pm here that means her funeral has already started.
I want to say it was at 12 or 1

am4039 said...

21 more days how exciting.

gdireneoe said...

YAY!  I am SOO excited for you! ;)  C.

ambassadorsinte said...

Yeah Dorn, I'm excited for you too with 21 days and your boy (my grandson) returns on R&R.  Seems to be the story of your life, huh?  In the sixties you guys had to wait on "Dear Ole Dad" as I went all over the globe during "The Cold War".
Then it was Steve's turn to make you wait.  And now it's Gabe's turn.  But you know what?  We survived then and we'll survive always with love of one's family.
Keep that countdown calendar going and when it gets to "ONE" have one on me with Gabe.


missheathyrmarie said...

YAY! He's almost home! YAY! I'm counting down the days with you Dorn! I cannot wait until he's home, safe & sound!
:) Heather