Monday, April 24, 2006


According to a video by akezure , one can trim one's waistline by doing a simple exercise just 10 minutes a day.  No expensive gym equipment required, no specialty work-out clothes needed, you don't even need to leave your home... you can do it while you're washing the dishes or talking on the phone.  All that is required is a simple device that can be found in just about any home that has children.

What is this miracle device?  Its a small Super Ball, like the kind you can get in a 25¢ vending machine.  Although the dialog is spoken entirely in Japanese, it is pretty self explanatory.  The routine is low impact but the results speak for themselves, no translator needed. 


Whoa!  Hold on a minute!  You want me to stick that Super Ball WHERE?

Yep.... You shove that little Super Ball right between your butt cheeks!  (Don't worry, you're supposed to have clothes on.)

I tried it.  I really didn't have to clench my cheeks to hold on to the ball because lets face it, I probably have a little more butt cleavage than the person in the video does.  I'm sure the idea is to clench the muscles, so that's what I did.  I recommend that you do this exercise in the privacy of your own home.  Folks come to the Super Center to do their daily speed walking, weight-walking, etc. because of its safe environment, which is fine, but I don't need to go to work and have stinky errant Super Balls dropping and bouncing all over the store!  Note:  when visiting my home, if you happen to come across a small rubber Super Ball on the floor, you might not want to touch it.  You never know where its been!

Check out the other videos as well, there's trimming love handles with a dish towel, peeling a boiled potato, making a baby stop crying, etc.  The topics and methods are amazing.  Of course, they're all in Japanese but one can pretty much get the gist of it:  Akekure How To Videos


xomywayox said...

Ok, case and point. This is why somethings are better left unsaid. LoL My daughter has about 57 of those little super balls. And now everytime I step on one. I'm gonna think about what dornbau wrote. Jeez, just what I needed. A thought swimming in my head about the Butt-Super-Balls and where they been. LoL

(You really need to think about becoming a sit-com writer. I hear NBC is hiring.)


ecco69 said...

OMG...I looked up that Japanese website.... I am histerical.  I clicked on the one "How to get your baby to stop crying".  Could you just imagine, doing it with a glass of wine.  After a while, who the hell would care if they are crying on not...LOL (just kidding)  I was thinking, do you think it would work with older kids, like 11 & 16 at the dinner table??? When they are whining about the food,or when I tell them to clean their room... I will just sit back and start "slurping my water".  It would be so funny that I probably would spray it all over them.  ROFLMAO....THAT WOULD STOP THEM FOR SURE.  TOOO FUNNNNNY !!!

princesssaurora said...

Huh... interesting....  lol

be well,

deslily said...

Look at that!! we're in the TEENS!!.. only 9-teen days!!! yiiii hawww!!!

am4039 said...

it's getting closer 19 days. I'll have to check out some of that stuff.

debbi4873 said...

I think I'll go to my local supercenter, get one of those balls, and do my own power-walking.  I think I would look like I needed a bathroom in a