Friday, April 21, 2006


I really love spring, with its bright colorful flowers, lush green lawns, budding trees, chirping birds, fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees...

And stinkin' sinus sabotaging pollen!

And another thing.... now that the ground has thawed and new growth is springing up all over, my yard no longer blends in with the rest of the yards in the neighborhood.  My yard used to be just another bare brown yard in a cul de saq full of bare brown yards but now my yard is now the ONLY bare brown yard! 

Yeah, I really hate spring!

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blueblueandblew said...

Hi here in Colorado too. Love spring, beautiful budding trees are my favorite,and yes my allergies are KILLING me, shoot allergies, I never even knew I had. :)

deslily said...

I'm not a Simpson fan.. but that one works!!!

I'm soooooooooooo glad that (so far) I don't have allergies!!!  I'd surely miss the smell of new cut grass (ummm that would be "green grass") and all the flowers.  I really feel bad for those who can't enjoy it.. that and those with animal allergies..

maybe if i sneezed once or twice to make you feel better?? (yeahright)

sdoscher458 said...

oh boy 22 days! It's better than Christmas....we're suffering here in Florida from allergies too also a darn drought.  No rain for almost one and half months now. In early March we got hit with like 12" of rain within a few hours...think Ark..since then we are showing over our average but it's a false picture...take care from one brown lawn to another....Sandi

princesssaurora said...

Yay Bart!!!   its okay...about your yard... tell people it is a zen minimalist thing... very 'in' right now... LOL\

be well,

jckfrstross said...

no allergies yet here in lafayette but the cotton has not started to bloom(trees and silver maples) it gets so bad its like snow lol


redbird914 said...

tsk tsk ... are we at that time of the year again?  hehe ... EARTH tones I say, they are so in!    I say paint the house brown like the yard, and darker paint for trim.  Coordination is what its all about.  Then "scatter" toys and such about the yard to break up the monotony.  There ya go!