Sunday, April 30, 2006


Dickidoo has a death wish, I swear he does.  He keeps pushing me and pushing me just to see how far he can push me.  He does this because he knows I'll never kill him as long as there are Oompas still living with us.  He knows I will never willingly be a single parent to the Oompas.

So he nags.

This morning he was supposed to get up before dawn and take the kids hunting.  They slept in.  But that didn't keep him from waking me up before I even had to get up for work.  He just kept nudging me and shaking me until there was just no getting back to sleep.

And then he went right back to sleep.  That dog!

So I occupied my spare time at work today scheming my revenge.  I had the perfect plan worked out by the time I returned home this evening.  But that guy is slick, he probably knew I would be planning some kind of retaliation and he was prepared.

With a bag full of Reese's Peanut Butter Fudge Bars.

Revenge will be mine... later, after I've finished my stash of Fudge Bars.

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am4039 said...

your hubby knows how to get to you, That dickidoo. Yum YUm. I love that graphic.

pixiedustnme said...

OOHHHH - well, at least he knew he was in trouble and offered himself a temporary reprieve...... of course this just means when he meets his end it will have chocolate fingerprints all over it!  lol    -Kelly

princesssaurora said...

Oooh he is slick... very very slick.... enjoy the bribe!!!

be well,

deslily said...

Whell, I guess we know one thing about Dickidoo..  "he's got you figured out!".. that's what happens when you live together for "too long" lol...  too cute Dorn.

xomywayox said...

SUCKER!!! LoL See that's your problem. You've got to forget about the good and consider the evil that he has done to you. Hide the goodies and carry out your plan. YA-YA


sdoscher458 said...

I've decided that one person in a relationship has to be a nagger. I'm not it. Neither are you. We break the mold as wives....our men outnag us. The quieter I get the more angrier I am...he knows that...but maybe thats the plan? HUbbies are weird......Sandi