Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Part II

Commercial freezers are set at a much lower temperture than home freezers.  MUCH lower!  And it takes a little while for a frozen item to adjust to the warmer temperature of a home freezer.   Sometimes some items take MUCH longer than others.  I learned this the hard way yesterday.

It was lunch time and I had to rush home to pick Zack up and take him back to work.  After banging on his door, I remembered that I had a box of fudge pops in the freezer.  I love Fudgsicles but learned a long time ago not to stick one into my mouth immediately after buying them.  I always wait and let the frozen confection warm up a little bit.  I thought 18 hours in my freezer was long enough.

I thought wrong.

I realized my mistake almost immediately upon inserting the icy stick of frozen goodness into my mouth... and the tender inner skin of my upper and lower lips instantly adhered to its surface.  My first instinct was to pull the popsicle out but deja vu screamed out a warning.  My lips might be numb now from the cold and I might not feel the pain as the skin that was frozen to the artificially flavored, skin-eating missile of doom is ripped from my mouth but I would surely feel it once the area thawed.

So I proceeded to curse as best I could with my lips glued together, the Popsicle wagging and emphasizing each syllable in a way that my lips in their current condition could not.  My tongue almost latched on the the frozen pop as well and I quickly covered it with saliva and continued my rant.

I don't know how long I had to wait for the heat of my lips to finally cause the bond to break.  It may have been seconds, it might have been minutes, it felt like hours but as soon as I felt it give a little I yanked the ice cream out of my mouth, swallowed my collecting saliva and crowed triumphantly... Too soon!  When I returned the pop to my mouth to bite the offending top off, it adhered once again to my lips.  Right back where I started from.

Agh!  I hate when that happens!

Needless to say, if any of the kids had been around at the time I would have had to turn over about $5 to the cuss and fuss fund.  I finally finished my Fudgsicle without further incident, but man, they really need to put warning labels on those things!

I can still feel the sting on my inner lips now, a day later. 



xomywayox said...

LoL Life is never dull for you and yours! Do I need to call a doctor for you? Cause I will.


princesssaurora said...


be well,

justplainbill said...

Your last two post on popsicles and eye lashes, just busted me up so bad my wife called up the stairs and wanted to know if I had lost my mind.
Thanks, I needed to turn loose.

bucky770 said...

WOW Jo...

I just added up all your entries
lol I just got bored.. lol

and you have wrote 754 ENTRIES


deslily said...

yep... that's right up there with getting your tongue sucked into a soda bottle and not able to get it out.. heh..

I guess you didn't see A Christmas Story huh? where the kid gets his tongue stuck to a metal pole in the winter.. heh.. ok  you're forgiven lol

am4039 said...

ouch you are way to funny.