Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Okay folks, the voting has begun.  Click here to get to the ViVi Journal Awards Ballot.  Now I don't want to sway or influence your vote in any way , but if you are undecided about which journal to vote for the Best Family Journal, you may want to consider Dust Bunny Club.  And I just happen to know of a pretty cool blog called Through the Eyes of the Beholder that just happens to be running for Best Photography Journal.

Oh, and when you get there, don't forget to fill in your name and screen name cos if you don't (like some doofus that I know who collects dust bunnies but shall remain nameless) your ballot will be null and void, and you will have to do it all over again!

So.... get on over there and vote, and may the best Dust Bunny.... oops, I mean, may the best Blog win!


mechants said...

Done and done! May the best dust bunny-- er I mean journal persona win!


thisismis72 said...

good luck

rjet33 said...

U know I voted for you, girlfriend!~

Best of Luck!~


princesssaurora said...

Go Dust Bunny Go!  Go Dust Bunny Go!!!

be well,


sdoscher458 said...

yay. yay...I told everybody to go vote too.  Dust Bunnies are cool...and your journal rules.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you....Sandi

joyneds said...

okay long time reader who laughs but never ever comments. you have my vote.  thanks for  all the laughs

derasta said...

Good luck Dorn! You've always been one of my all time favorites!

swmpgrly said...

love your campaign sign...lol

globetrotter2u said...

You're hysterical, Jodi!
Now if only you'd share your campaign secrets with a couple Democrats that I know.....
Hmmmmm, maybe not:(
Good luck! You know that the GLOBETROTTAH  loves you!

cneinhorn said...

Yea, I heard of that blog, but buzz is there's a really cool photo blog out there called the jerseygirljournal, so cool Pat's calling it WonderGirl, because folks, she's a wonder.  like the 8th one almost, check her out at www.jerseygirljournal.com