Wednesday, October 19, 2005

THE LAST DAYS OF A SAHM, and more pics from Iraq

Okay, I tried but I couldn't do it.  I can't handle being a Stay At Home Mom.  Well, thats not entirely true, I loved the staying at home part, having control of the TV remote, being able to work on the computer undisturbed.  I just hated the expectations that came with the acronym.  Expectations like having a clean house, and a hot 4 course meal.  And to be honest, the pay sucks!  So I am hanging up my unused apron for my 'How May I Help You' smock once again.  I shall miss my Court TV and Home Makeover shows, but now I can replenish my dwindling supply of Licensed Character Toe Socks.  Yipee!

Its just a part-time job, 9-6 on weekdays, and my weekends are shot, but not until AFTER elk season!

I've got more Pictures From Iraq Part 3, and a story about Christmas in October in my Letters to Gabe.


lacaza3 said...

well that didnt last long  i feel your pain  i hate the loniless...I'm working part time and that helps
donna in TEXAS

jckfrstross said...

Yahoo you got the job:)


onemoretina said...

Enjoy your new job... hope it's fun and rewarding.  Tina

sdoscher458 said...

Maybe part-time will work for you.  I sort of miss working...something that you've done for so many years it's hard to not do it. Good luck dear...Sandi