Monday, October 17, 2005


Its big game season in Colorado.  I spent the weekend in the hills of Fort Carson.  Each morning for the past 3 weekends we would wake up at O'dark hundred (thats military speak for 'up before the sun and any sane person'), climb into the truck and drive off into the badlands.  I call them the badlands because no matter which way you walk its all uphill and thats BAD!

We were in search of the elusive mule deer.    My son Zack was the one hunting.  I was just along for the photo opportunity.  I was huffing and puffing as usual and  Zack just laughs and tells me that I'm out of shape.  Duh!  I'm 45, I weigh 20x my birth weight.  I'm not supposed to be trampsing around the mountains like a fricken mountain goat, thank you very much Mr. 'Eats like a pig but never puts on an ounce!'

Zack shot his deer yesterday morning.  He's happy because now he gets to sleep in.  I'm happy because I finally get to shower and use shampoo that smells like... shampoo... not soap that smells like dirt!  This week will be spent processing the deer.  By processing I mean trimming the meat off the bones, grinding up some for burger, and packaging them up in neat white packages like Sam the Butcher.  Sound like fun?  Its not.  But its good meat in the freezer for the winter, so its well worth it.

Come Saturday morning I will once again be up at O'dark hundred as elk season gets underway.  I probably won't get my elk.  I don't think they exist.  Their tracks are everywhere, but no animals.  I think they can smell us coming.  And its not me, because I will smell like dirt again... no, its the license we have to carry.  Somehow they can detect the scent of a person who is licensed to kill and they hightail it out of the country until the season is over.  They're no dummies thats for sure.  No, I'm the dummy, getting up before I can even see the ground in front of me and running up and down the mountains while the elk watch from the next mountain over, laughing at the little pumpkin shaped figure going around in circles.  Agh, I'm getting too old for this, why am I doing it again?  Oh, I remember ... good meat.

Yeah, well, the older and fatter I get, the more and more hotdogs are rising to the top of the 'good meat' list.

For a picture of Zack's buck, click here:
Treestand ramlin' (and other tall tales) 


cmarlow545 said...

Animal Butchers * sniff *    * sniff *

princesssaurora said...

Enjoy your venison!  I am happy for Zack that he bagged in first.  Very cool.  I hope you see some elk...are you trying to hunt it or take pics???   Prayers for you all.

be well,

memes121 said...

I love deer meat if it's cooked right. Not everyone has the gift it takes to get the 'wild' out of it. But I will let someone else do all the work. My brother-in-law has been hunting forever and hasn't shot a deer in a long time. My 12 year old goes hunting for the first time with dad and the first shot bags a deer. Nope, dad's not happy. Proud...but not happy.

jckfrstross said...

Glad Zack got his deer:) Hope you  get your Elk


rjet33 said...

I need so send you a photo of the big bull elk my BIL killed on a hunt a few years ago.  Three families ate off that big bad boy all winter and on into the next!  He was huge.  They were up somewhere around Black Mountain if you know where that is.  We had deer and elk that year.  It helped tremendously with the grocery bill.  So glad Zack got his deer, and I, too, hope you get your elk.  I like the elk meat better than the deer, although I will eat either.


globetrotter2u said...

I adore hotdogs, with tons of sauerkraut and yellow mustard! They are my favorite food and I'd sell my soul before giving them up.... well maybe not.
(Hope that guy with the horns wasn't listening! BRRRRRRRRRR!)

sunnyside46 said...

maybe the elk are all sleeping in

plieck30 said...

Glad my days of wraping vinison and cleaning the kitchen afterwards is over, but I do miss the watching, waiting and walking. Paula