Tuesday, October 25, 2005



I finally got my call-back for the job.  I was beginning to worry that I had flunked the pee test, due to unusually and unnaturally high levels of 87 ethyl octane.  So anyhow, tomorrow I go in and.... sit at a computer all day!  Hahahaha!

I'm just glad I didn't burn my bridges when I quit there.  I honestly had no intention of ever going back to work there again, but the reality is... I cannot survive on bad beer, generic coffee and last year's toe socks!  Dickidoo can't afford to keep me, so I must keep myself.

Management accepted my schedule.  I wasn't sure they would.  9-6 Monday thru Friday is asking a lot, but I've given them my entire weekend so they took me back.  Thats good, but man, its going to suck having to work every single weekend!  And I will probably have to work on Super Bowl Sunday.... Nooooo!

edit: Just to clarify, no, I'm not working 7 days a week.  However, as a retail employee I have to be available to work any day of the week.  Normally the store I work at requires all new hires to have a completely open availability.  I negotiated.  I gave them my weekends, pretty much any time... with the stipulation that on any week day that I am scheduled to work, I will not work any later than 6pm.  Chances are I will be scheduled to work every single weekend, probably in the evening, and then 3 weekdays, with two back-to-back days off.  It sucks royal but hey, I gotta have my toe socks and Budweiser really sucks!

I got an email from Gabe this morning, and then later he came online so I was able to talk to him via IM.  That was really nice.  I'd been worrying because it has been a few days since I last heard from him. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

NativeHopi [10:04 AM]:  hey mom
Dornbrau [10:04 AM]: 
Hey Gabe!
Dornbrau [10:04 AM]: 
I got your email.  It was great hearing fromyou.
Dornbrau [10:04 AM]: 
I was afraid you had already moved out.
NativeHopi [10:04 AM]: 
yeah we were out getting our truck
NativeHopi [10:05 AM]: 
Dornbrau [10:05 AM]: 
Must be nice to have your baby back huh?
NativeHopi [10:05 AM]: 
oh yeah
NativeHopi [10:06 AM]: 
and my brad
Dornbrau [10:06 AM]: 
I'vedecided I want you in a bradley, more metal under your butt.
NativeHopi [10:07 AM]: 
NativeHopi [10:07 AM]: 
and thier fun to drive to
Dornbrau [10:07 AM]: 
Safe and fun, sounds like a good combination.
NativeHopi [10:08 AM]: 
NativeHopi [10:08 AM]: 
yeah it does
Dornbrau [10:08 AM]: 
I might take my flintlock out this afternoon... MIGHT!  Its fricken cold, my snot is starting to freeze again.  You know me, I only like cold when I'm inside looking OUT at it.
NativeHopi [10:09 AM]: 
yeah its getting cold fast out here
NativeHopi [10:09 AM]: 
its nice
Dornbrau [10:10 AM]: 
Rocky read your email this morning.  You made her day.  She was so happy when she left for school.  First chance she gets I guarantee she will be running around the neighborhood with that poster to get autographs.
Dornbrau [10:10 AM]: 
Well I hope it doesn't get too cold.  Extreme hot and cold all within the same day isn't good for the body.
NativeHopi [10:12 AM]: 
NativeHopi [10:12 AM]: 
well you know me
Dornbrau [10:12 AM]: 
Dude, you're still coughing from that bug you got when you went to Boot Camp a year ago!
NativeHopi [10:13 AM]: 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


artloner said...

I think working will be a good thing...toe socks notwithstanding.


globetrotter2u said...

Thank-you for making me laugh yesterday. Yes, I had forgotten about Whoremoanville but you didn't:)
We did start our journals at the same time, didn't we, so I feel as though we're old friends! I've already adopted one of your kids!
I'm always so glad for you (and me!) when you get to talk to Gabe. I know how comforting it is for you to hear his voice even through cyberspace.
And I'm glad you are happy to be working again. But it's got me wondering how much ethyl you've been consuming?
Well good luck with the frozen snot. I got tons of hurricane damage to clear in the yard so I'm getting all ready for it by chugging Mango Bangos.
Jeez, I almost forgot! Congrats on your Vivi nominations! I don't expect to win anything but I was tickled pink to be nominated:):)
Take care, my friend,

princesssaurora said...

Aww!  I am so glad you heard from Gabe and you shared it with us!  YAY!  I am glad you got your job back...but I don't understand you are working mon thru fri and all weekend too?  What about days off??  Please explain...

be well,


mumma4evr said...

woo hooo!!!

redpoppy007 said...

How are the winters there? i Am so glad u got to talk to him.

hewasolddog299 said...

Glad you are nominated as many times as you were. Make's it harder to miss you, but my aim is improving...

I too, am confused. How much are you working? 58 hours a week?


stephaine35 said...

I sit at a computer all day.  It makes emailing, journaling and online gaming that much better on company time.  Congrats on getting the job back.  But how many hours are you working?

Working on Super Bowl Sunday is just wrong.  If the Bronco's make it you'll have to take the day off.

sdoscher458 said...

You are getting paid to sit at a computer all day...who knew! lol  - seriously good luck on the job...glad you heard from Gabe....Sandi

jckfrstross said...

Glad you got to talk to Gabe, I voted and i voted for both your journals:)


hestiahomeschool said...

I check in to see if you heard from him at least twice a day. :-)

cneinhorn said...

good luck with the job, although I'm sorry to read you are giving up all your weekends  :-(

jouell3935 said...

Good luck with the job!!! Great that you heard from him! That was awesome to share!

heathyrxmarie said...

:)  I'm so glad that you got to talk to Gabe!  I know it's the little stuff like that, that can make a day :)