Friday, October 28, 2005

JOHN HACK A LOOGY, and other nick names.

Can you imagine going through your life with the nickname of 'John Hack A Loogy'?  The kids were talking this morning about bullies and Rocky brought up one incident involving a boy named 'John' who had been bullied by another bigger student who had spit on his face.  When Becca couldn't recall the boy, Rocky added 'You remember John Hack A Loogy!', and yes, Becca did!  That poor child will probably always be haunted by the memory of the day some bully spit on him, and the nickname that will now follow him the rest of his life.

I had several nick names.  My baban (grandmother) called me 'Number One Fat Girl'.  I was okay with it because she was the only one who called me that.  My dad called me 'Patricia Pachyderm' which I loved until I discovered that a pachyderm was an elephant.  (ha ha, funny funny dad!)  He later dubbed me 'Buttinski', which was probably totally warranted.  But I was just as bad giving nicknames.  I gave my cousin the name 'Kukae', which sounds beautiful but in Hawaiian it means 'poop'.  It took her a year to figure that one out.  That was about 25 years ago.  I still call her Kukae to this day.

My own kids have cute names like 'Sugar Booger' and 'Binkie Boo'.  Endearing names for a child... but I still use them now that they're all grown up.  My all time favorite is, of course and by far, without a doubt, the nickname I use for my beloved husband.  That one started right here in this journal but it got loose in the real world.  Theres nothing funnier than to see a big bad hunter walk into a room full of other big bad hunters, and then for someone in the crowd to yell out 'Hey Dickidoo!'  Hahahaha!  Gotta love it!


robinngabster said...

Those are all great nicknames, my favorite is the one your grandmother called you.  I think it is sweet.

I have had MANY over the years of my best online buds calls me Suga booga, my Dad calls me RobinInsky and when I was a baby with red hair he called me Robin Red Headed Rooster.  Brother called me Shisher cause he couldnt say sister, husband calls me Sunshine or SEX MACHINE (lol kidding about the sex machine I call myself that one).  In high school my friends nick named me "Wiggles"  guess I had a lot of jiggle in my jeans.  

But my favorite for myself is RobinInsky. Dad still calls me that.

Great Entry!


thisismis72 said...

dickydoo is by far the besy nick name lol.
i have a woobie bear and a sugar dugar, but my fav is midget.

poor john Haloogy.

princesssaurora said...

Too funny!  We are big on nicknames at our house too!  Except me!  I don't have any!  :(  Well, as a kid my dad called me 'Charlie' or 'Motormouth' - but that was it... no one else called me a nickname.

Be well,

sdoscher458 said...

I can remember when he first caught on to what you were saying in the are a pistol Dorn...Sandi

nelishianatl said...

Nicknames! Great entry!  My middle name is Nelishia and I have been called that by my parents and teachers.  At home they called me Leesha.  When my brother was little he called me We-wa.  At school they called me Nish.  In Atlanta, the Black Community, or African-American community, called me Nay-Nay.  My best friends baby calls me Auntie Nee-Nee.  My third child was born with no hair.  My daughter Jessie was called SWEET PEA until school age.  We had to teach her that her real name is Jessie and how to spell it.  They wanted to call her JESSICA.  My youngest daughter JOSIE is BRAT, and sometimes BOO-BOO for she was a surprise. When she was little she had a full head of black hair, like her mommy.  I dressed her up with a barrette on top and my family called her PEBBLES.  My daughter was BRANDY BOOGER.  She always had a head cold as a baby.  My son was DAVID DAMMIT.  I think for five years he thought that was his middle name. He liked to open and tear up everything to see what was inside and how things worked.  Couldn't stop with the Christmas gift, but had to continue until the thing was in pieces. LOL  His favorite word was 'why'.

abell1999 said...

My mother used to call me Ju-Ju. Anybody at school tried to call me that and I'd pop them!


coelha said...

My mother used to call me Moon Face (I have a round face), my dad used to call me Poopsie, and people call me Coelha (girl rabbit--long story), and Julie McQueen.  I see a lot of different names at work---I came across one the other day in fact.  Just be grateful your last name isn't weird, like "Hoar"--that is all I'm saying...  Julie :)

lreilly29 said...

Ok so I have to admit - I laughed at this, not because of the content...but more so because I have a friend named John Hack and now I'm sure the next time I see him, I'll be thinking John Hack A Loogy!  LOL

cneinhorn said...

Dickidoo and Boobiedoo!  Started right here in dustbunnyland!  The first time I read those gems, I almost fell off my chair!  

tillysweetchops said...

I pictured the scene of Dickidoo entering the bar - priceless! lol

Tilly x

vortexgirl said...

I need your opinion on something.  It has to do with this entry.  That sounds so ominious.  lol  Stop by and let me know what you think.

rjet33 said...

You slay me, woman!!!  ROFLMBO!!!!


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