Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I woke up this morning to the smell of fresh brewed coffee.  That NEVER happens here.  I rub my eyes because I think I may still be asleep, maybe even in the wrong house.  I must be in Heaven.  I scuffle to the bathroom and sit down.  I reach for the toiletpaper.  The roll is empty.   

Okay, this is the right house.

But I have fresh coffee waiting for me when I'm done drip-drying.  Ahhhh, life's simple pleasures!


michele21569 said...

OH that is too funny.....I felt like I was @ home....Glensfork4

princesssaurora said...

Was Dickidoo the early morning coffee starter?  I bet I know what he has on his mind for later....  LOL

Have a great day!

Be well,

robinngabster said...

You know how many times I have wanted to use that phrase "Jumping Jehosephat" but didn't cause I didn't know how to spell JEHOSEPHAT!?  LOL!  

Yeah for coffee....boo for air drying the ole' Cootchie!


cdittric77 said...

Are you drip drying WHILE you're typing? I have to tell you, journaling while on the John is a sign of true dedication!

allisontannery said...

Was it the coffee fairy, or a amnesiac DH?!?  Or an intruder with a nose and tongue for good, fresh coffee!?  And aaahhhh, the TP dilemma...never enough when you need it.  Only, I think, have merely 2 square inches left is even worse than an entirely empty cardboard roll...I dunno, just me.

jm0016 said...

I'm new to aol, & after browsing through I found yours & it's just cracking me up!  Just the thing I needed after a rough morning!  Thanks!

jckfrstross said...

Sounds like my house LOL


swmpgrly said...

at least you had your coffee...lol

sunnyside46 said...

okay there is some pun here between dripping and percolating...I just can't quite get it.

onemoretina said...

A hot cup of coffee, and all is right with the world.  Tina http://journals.aol.com/onemoretina/Ridealongwithme

karynetaylor said...

ahhhh coffee. I am in the middle of trying to break the REGULAR habit of Starbucks, keep it to a minimum, like weekends/ special occasions only. Life is rough, huh?

~ Karyn

rjet33 said...

Ahh, you  crack me up.  Had the TP problem in my bathroom this morning myself.  Why is it only Mom's know how to replace the TP?  It is funny, I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee, but I don't drink it at all, lol.


chseroo said...

I almost have my kids trained to put a new roll out when the old one is empty. They just WILL NOT put it on the roller thing. They sit it on top of the empty cardboard that is still on the roll. Maybe someday, I can get them to do it the right way!!