Wednesday, May 10, 2006

6 PACK OF BLOGS (even better than a 6 pack of beer!) edited

This is a repeat of my new favorites from my photo journal 'Through the Eyes of the Beholder' .  I prepared this list for the first edition of '6 Pack' but was too late.  Heck, I should have been the first one to turn in my list since it was already compiled and posted, but NO, being the procrastinator that I am, I've waited until the last minute... so... before I miss the deadline again, here is my 6 Pack:

PAPARRAZI BY PROXY:  My husband Steve (more commonly known as 'Dickidoo') has always had a good eye for photography and I finally got tired of his constant suggestions that I should shoot this or do that, and I handed him my camera with the suggestion that he take the picture his own darn self.  He did, and he did it well.  And now I have to fight to be able to use my own camera (I don't share well).  However, I am always eager to see what he has captured during his outings and am rarely disappointed.  While I am the actual author of the journal, all of the pictures are the works of my husband.

Retrospect USA: Meet my older sister 'Redbird'.  She began her passion for photography several years ago with a 35mm SLR camera and recently evolved into the world of digital photography.  I love how she uses color and angles.  During a visit over the summer, she and I took our cameras out to a favorite scenic location of both of ours, the Garden of the Gods, and I was amazed by how differently we both captured the same subjects.

Anywhere Is....:  This is a brand-spankin'-new find for me, and I instantly fell in love with the earthy talent of Shutterbug.  When I first clicked on this link I was completely in awe, and the feeling remains with each new entry. 

Photo Trek:  Radar calls himself a 'hobbyist photographer', but do not mistake that for being amateur.  There is nothing amateurish about this guy.  His pictures are fabulous!  Don't limit yourself to his journal, check out the links to his galleries.  You won't be disappointed.

Involuntary Motion:  I have mentioned this journal before for its written words but would be amiss to neglect mentioning the breathtaking photography found within the entries.  His pictures reflect the simple yet beautiful lifestyle he has chosen to live.

YouTube: Dornbrau's Videos: This isn't actually a blog but a listing for my videos.  I have a video blog where I display my videos and slide shows but the video hosting site is under construction and the embedded movie players are not working at the moment, so I've substituted with this emergency link.

Edited:  My embedded video links are working again so you can check out my video blog here:  Sights and sounds of My Life



princesssaurora said...

Aweosme Pics!  I didn't know that was your sister's blog!  Cool!

be well,

bruno64056rs said...

Guess I'll have to sit back and open a few! Are they pull-tabs or twist-offs? Either way, I'm sure they're not FLAT!!!

journalseditor said...

Hi Dorn -- just a heads-up: I'm featuring your Six-Pack today on my blog:

Thanks -- Joe