Tuesday, May 2, 2006

AGING and the pursuit of a new past time.

"People are always telling me that I look good for my age, especially after having 5 kids.  I look at them and gasp!  Goodness, if 'this' is good, just how old do they think I am?"Graceful Aging)

I am 45, 45 and a half to be more accurate, but I gave up age fractions years ago when I hit 21.  Now days I like to hang on to the whole number for as long as I can.  I shall still be 45 on September 12th.  I must remember to check my birth certificate to find out exactly when I was born so I don't age myself prematurely.

My parents are ageless.  Seriously.  And not just because I can't for the life of me remember just how old they really are, its because in my mind's eye they have never changed.  I've been accused of never growing up, but I suspect that might be a different thing altogether.

So anyhow, here I am, at the age of 45, wondering what I've accomplished with my life, and what is still in store for me in the autumn of my life.  I have given birth to and raised (somewhat successfully if I may say so myself) 5 wonderful children.  I have married and raised (somewhat successfully if I may also say so! ) a fine husband.  I have dabbled in a variety of careers, have lost and then found some old hobbies, have very successfully resisted the restraints of domesticity and have defied society's laws of decency.  What is next in what is left of my life?  What challenge can I accept to keep my life blog-worthy?

I could take up a new sport, but sports induce sweating and sweating draws flies, and you all know how much I hate flies....

No sports.

I could take up knitting and crocheting, but having hooks and sharp needles during this phase in my life where my hormonal balance is so far off its axis is probably not a good idea, for Dickidoo's sake at least.

Scratch yarn art.

Gardening?  Yeah, okay... I have a 'gangrene thumb'.  Plants hate me, no matter how good my intentions.  Music... just because a person loves to sing and play does not necessarily mean that they sing and play well, or even partially well... or even close to almost-good.

So what to do, what to do?  What can a 45 year old woman of limited financial resources and questionable physical condition do when her favorite saying is 'I'm too old for this sh:t'.?

Beginning today I shall experiment with new hobbies and past times.  Today I shall try:

Psychic Extrodinaire and Reader of Good Fortunes!

11 Days And A Wakeup!


deslily said...

My dear Ms. Dornbrau... at age 45 you have a few more good years before you actually have the "right" to use the phrase: "I'm too old for this sh*t"..

The truth is you have to be OVER 50.. or.. be in the complete throngs of menepause! (or both: which really sucks)

Once you have obtained this sort of maturity (this does not include mental maturity) you then have the absolute RIGHT so use your phrase.. and not until then!

Once you have obtained the right you can then look forward to your 60's.. at that time you really become "free" and can blame anything and everything on age!

Until then.. make your 40's FABULOUS DARLIN'~  

Sincerly,  the old fart in NJ.. (see there!  I can legally say that! heh)

plittle said...

"Psychic Extrodinaire and Reader of Good Fortunes!"

Ah, yes. You don't actually need any special talents or abilities for that.

dornbrau said...

Ah, but it DOES work plittle, because I KNEW you were going to comment like that!

xomywayox said...

RLMAO...Please keep us posted as to how the new hobby is working out for you.

And I think you look SIMPLY MARVELOUS!


princesssaurora said...

I started beading jewelry... it is a good hobby that you do sitting down while drinking coffee and you can talk too.

be well,

ps... you need to put in a link for the next CarvnivAOL you missed this one!

hewasolddog299 said...

I suggest you take up (rally) hill climbing. Make Pike's Peak your first race entered and use Dickidoo's new truck -- he'll be getting you a new camera in no time...



hewasolddog299 said...

But, then again, you knew I'd suggest that, didn't you?



sunnyside46 said...

jNow predict something

astaryth said...

Hey.... How about Grandmother Extradionaire?? I think that would be a great hobby <g>

cneinhorn said...

okay, sounds good to me.  so tell me, what does my future hold? any chance of winning the lottery next week?!

sdoscher458 said...

I heard somewhere that the new 30 is actually 40...so maybe you are actually 35??? Huh Huh...go with that one.  As far as hobbies...your photos are magnificient and your poetry is not bad either...two very nice hobbies. Right now you must brush up on things like "patty patty cake etc., ringaround the rosie and all that wonderful baby talk....countdown coming....Sandi

am4039 said...

I'm 47 I don't think I look my age, lol that's what they say. I can't garden for nothing. It sounds like you did a fine job in raising your kids and hubby. Good for you.