Monday, May 8, 2006


7 Days And A Wakeup!

Trust one of my Oompas to be inspired to dance to my cell phone ring tone!  Becca amused herself, and several hikers in the park, with her twilight dance.  The geese and other wild creatures have learned to ignore the Oompas unless they come bearing gifts of food.  My new hobby: Music Video Producer Extrodinaire!  Click on the following link for my debut video.  Twilight Dance

Just a week now until Gabe leaves for home, Woo Hoo!


pixiedustnme said...

I just can't wait to hear what happens when he finally gets home.....maybe they'll all be dancing to the cell phone music?  You better quick go download something good :-)   -Kelly

princesssaurora said...

What a great video!  Great fun for me... a good way to wake up after a tough night!  Thank you!  Your kids are the best!!!

be well,

demandnlilchit said...

Once when I was around Becca's age I met a person who after watching me for a few minutes came up to me and said your have a great free spirit about you, don't let people or circumstances every try and change you and then just walked away, my first reaction was "Weirdo!' not until my 40's did I realize what a profound effect that had on me, because I never forgot what he said and remained true to who I am. I see that same 'free spirit' in your children, very well aware of who they are and are never afraid of expressing themselves. Dorn I just love your kids!!!!! Every once in awhile one of mine will just let loose and I so enjoy sitting back and enjoying watching them do so and it's at that moment that I see how great they really are.

one more week!!!! I want pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

am4039 said...

yes you found your new hobby. Great video, really enjoyed it. Wow only a week away.

xomywayox said...

Sing like no one is listen, Dance like no one is watching. That is exactly how she dance. Great video, I'm like'n your new hobby.

7 Days & The Yippe Dance Starts!!!


abell1999 said...

Great video. Should sent that to the cellphone company, put that Oompa to work!

deslily said...

well, after all the emails I guess i should at least leave a comment huh? lol..

Great video Dorn.. i left the comment at the site that i'm not sure who is better.. the dancer or the photographer!  I'm glad i made the choice to let it download to watch..even if it did take me 45 minutes.. oh yeah lol.. "i love dialup!  I'll never leave it!".. unless i come into money someday lol lol