Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Check it out, a 'ghost orb', invisible to the naked eye but this talented Roving Report/ Music Video Producer/ and Photographer of Poltergeists Extrodinaire was able to capture the ghostly image of a lost soul drifting aimlessly through eternity at the Cattail Marsh. 

My mood has been swinging between extreme extremes these past couple of days.  My son Gabe and grandson Zachary should be on their way to my awaiting hugs in less than a week which keeps me in an almost constant state of anticipation, and yet I am acutely aware of the sad realities of life and just how fragile it is by an event I had blogged about so lightheartedly just a couple of days ago.

When Steve got called in to work on Sunday it was because of an accident that had occurred in a training area he helps to patrol.  What I didn't know at the time I made the entry was that the accident had resulted in a fatality of a young soldier.  Soldiers aren't supposed to die in the US, on routine training exercises.  But they do.  They are just as vulnerable to everyday life as any other person.  My heart aches for his family.  I don't know them, I don't even know his name, but for some reason this one really cut me to the very soul.

But back to happy thoughts, Gabe will be leaving Iraq in 6 days.  Hopefully Little Zachary and his mom will begin their journey right about that time as well.  I am floating on air from infinite happiness and fluffiness!

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princesssaurora said...

Oh Jody...how sad.  It must have hit Steve so hard too.  I will pray for the family... just awful.  I totally see the Ghost Orb... very cool... Becca has such joy on her face... you captured it so perfectly... that is what I hear in your 'voice' when I read about your Gabe and little Zachary coming to you.

be well,

demandnlilchit said...

The reason it cut into your very soul is because your a Momma and you know that soldier belongs to another Momma somewhere and her world just fell apart. As far as that ghost orb, they wanted to dance too! lol lol lol

maozmon said...

I'm so happy for you & yours that Gabe is coming home!! What a joyous day it will be!  I loved the dancing video! Mary Anne~

bruno64056rs said...

I can't say as I've ever seen a ghost orb. Although I always kinda wondered what might turn-up in the woods behind my drain field! I always have been kinda leery of that Rid-X additive, what with the "active enzymes" in it and all!

OK, sorry for that! I try not to take anything too seriously, if at all possible! One thing I DO take seriously is people who have a genuine love for their family members, near and/or far! I envy those of you who have such, it's something I had very little of in my life until I met my wife! AHHHH! Enough of MY woes! You just keep workin' on ways to smother that boy, NO, that YOUNG MAN son of yours with all the "caring compassion" that you can muster when he gets home!

jckfrstross said...

ok i don't see it but lol soon you will have your whole family together:) so sorry about the loss of the soldier


sdoscher458 said...

Sorry to hear about the soldier, things happen here too. All you can do is love life to the fullest, let no day go by that you do not tell your loved ones how much you do love them.  I haven't been journaling too much, but I am following your count down....I want to see plenty of pictures of baby bouncing and son huggings and general family total happiness.  Sandi

am4039 said...

I'm so happy that you finally found your hobby. 6 more days it's almost here.