Monday, May 15, 2006

LINE DRAWN IN THE DUST, and the waiting begins.

Poor Dickidoo was worried that I wasn't satisfied with the Housekeeping Fairies.  (I think he was afraid I would blog a nasty entry about it.)  On the contrary, I was thrilled!  And he was thrilled that I was thrilled.

He should have stopped there and left well enough alone.  But no, Dickidoo being Dickidoo had to cross the line and grab for the whole mile when I offered an inch.

"And once the house is picked up, don't get mad and snap at me when I remind you to clean up after yourself!"

WHAT?  Yeah, well, back at you Bucko!

So he says that yes, he wants me to get after him if he leaves his things out and around, but he says it in that tone that implies that he would never leave his things around.  Okay, we'll just see about that.  And so he doesn't conveniently forget his request to be reminded, I'm posting it here, in public, so I can show him if he should ever nag about my nagging.

Actually he's right though, if we could just get this house in order and everyone picked up after themselves, we might actually have a house worth calling a home, rather than this overpopulated dust bunny sanctuary.  We just have so much junk!  I drool over the model homes in Better Homes and Gardens and I can't help but wonder... where do they keep all their stuff because there's nothing setting out on the tables, no piles in the corners, no laundry on the sofa or dirty dishes on the counters.  Do people really even live there?

Oh well, I guess I should get busy.  My Dirty Dish Fairy took the morning off to go to school so I have to finish up in the kitchen.  And I better hang up my laundry before Dickidoo turns into Martha Stewart on Steroids and bites my head off!

My numbered countdown is over but now the waiting game begins and this will be the hardest time to pass.  Agh!  I HATE waiting!


deslily said...

nervous energy.. you'll probably clean more today! lol... lesse where that dust bunny ran off to..hmmm.. lol  

justplainbill said...

Dorn, I know what you mean about waiting. About three years before I retired I decided I would count the number of seconds I had to go. Seconds really go fast, there are 18,800 in an hour day as I recall and about nine million in a year or so.
So i figure you have about 70,000 seconds to go. Good luck and have another cup of coffee.

princesssaurora said...

Soon my dear mommy friend... soon.  Does he go to Germany first?  Will he call from there???

Dickidoo - typical man.  Don't know when to leave well enough alone.

be well,

jckfrstross said...

make sure you have lots of kleenex, you will need them:) i am so excited for you all


candlejmr said...

When is he coming?  When is he coming???  I can't stand the suspense!!!!


am4039 said...

I try to keep my house clean, but I swear I get it cleaned and it's dirty a few minutes later.