Friday, May 5, 2006

ROCKY'S DEBUT and 10 days... again.

The school held a talent show last night and Rocky performed during the opening number, singing a clip from 'My Country Tis Of Thee'.  She had originally planned on singing a very difficult Evanescent song but forgot her cd on the day of the auditions and had to make an emergency substitution.  Talk about destiny!  This girl can sing!  She has the voice of a diva.  In her nervousness she sang a wrong word but nobody (except for her older sister, of course) seemed to notice, they were too captivated by the big voice coming from such a little bitty girl. 

And where was the Roving Reporter Extrodinaire?  Oh, she was there, still trying to figure out how to use the new video camera.    Luckily Dickidoo was there to snap a few still shots for posterity.

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demandnlilchit said...

Must be the name "Rachel" ;)

sdoscher458 said...

Dorn you need to put her on the phone thingy so we can hear her too, just like we did for Demandn' lil girl (who is sooo talented). I'd love to hear the graphics's indeed.  Counting down....Sandi

princesssaurora said...

How awesome!!  Keep her practicing and then when she is 16 she can go out for American Idol!  Yay!  And, then because she is under 18 you get to go along!  What an adventure that would be!!

be well,

I can't see your ninja thing...weird

xomywayox said...

Woo Woo (that's me cheering her on) Rocky Rocks! How brave she is to go up on stage. And I bet your a proud Mom.


pixiedustnme said...

Thank goodness for back-up technology :-)    -Kelly

dpoem said...

That's great.  And, talk about luck?  Forgetting that CD was probably a bonus.  I mean, she had to sing a song everyone knew, and that's what makes those sorts of moments memorable.  


am4039 said...

my singing voice is so bad, I admire people who can sing. Good for Rocky. I would love to hear her sing.  10 days will be here before you know it.