Saturday, May 13, 2006


Last year, for Mother's Day I received the news that I was a grandmother.  This year for Mother's Day I will be afloat with anticipation of actually meeting my grandbaby, and the brief return of my first born to my loving maternal arms.  What more could a woman, a mother want?

Nothing! (Reese's Fudge Bar).  These days find me with a constant smile of contentment (Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue Cologne) as I waltz through my daily routine with confidence and ease (Russell Stover's Truffles).  I have finally come of age with my womanhood and motherhood, and I wear the badge with honor (shiney, dangly earrings).

Many people have commented on my ability to take the chaotic life with 5 children (Bacardi Gold) all in stride.  I laugh and insist that its really no big deal.  (clean kitchen)  For me, growing up in a large, loving family made raising one of my own just that much easier.  (New Dirty Dish Fairy).  And I have learned to take the bumps in the road with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar.  (Tirimisu)

What makes ME a good mother?  (Gourmet coffee)  My kids do.  If they weren't such great and vivacious kids I wouldn't be inspired to be the mother I am today.  (More Calgon to take me away).  Their zest for life, their quest for adventure, their constant wonderment (gardenia plant) keeps my mind youthful even as my body begins to show signs of aging.  My mother was the ideal role model.  (Coca Cola stuff)  She taught me that role of a mother did not have to be limited to that of a disciplinarian and teacher, that parents could actually have fun with their children and maybe even establish a lasting friendship.

And where would I be without the support of my dear husband? (dinner at Macaroni Grill)  If ever I doubted his importance in the family, the many deployments away from us cured me (Corona).  I don't need fancy gifts from him (new cookbook), all I need is his continued support and love (DOGHOUSE!) 


ecco69 said...

Great entry... 2 more days....I know you are going to have the best Mother's/Grandmother's Day ever...

am4039 said...

you have a great family and a wonderful husband. how nice that you get to meet your grandchild and your son is coming home soon. What a great Mothers Day it will be.

plittle said...

Brilliant (I'm laughing)(And running out to the mall)

elleme2 said...

This entry is a classic--an absolute classic!  Sometimes I wish I were one of the Oompas, but I'm way too old to qualify.  Happy Mothers Day--and Happy Grandma's Day.

princesssaurora said...

You are a comic genius... and a mom genius!  Okay DICKIDOO!!!  Are ya listening!!

be well,

jckfrstross said...

LOL hope you at least get 1 thing from your list :) Have a Happy Mothers Day


pixiedustnme said...

As always, you crack me up!  I hope your little Mother's Day fairies read your blog regularly and shop appropriately!  We're all waiting, holding our breath, until everyone is under one roof safe and sound :-)    -Kelly