Saturday, May 20, 2006

MORNING STRETCH, and blah blah blah

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you can sleep in but for some reason your body wakes you up.  So you get up, notice that its still dark outside, glance at the clock and see that its only 6am on your day off so you roll over thinking that you can go back to sleep when the reason you woke up in the first place returns and kicks you in the gut... the bladder to be exact!

So there I was, at 6am, on my first day off that coincided with everyone else's day off so there was no reason to get up early... and I had to pee like a Russian racehorse!  I hate getting up to use the toilet.  Usually I trip over the junk on the floor while making my way around the bed, doing the potty-dance the whole way since I always wait until the last possible moment.  I stumble into the bathroom, hit the corner of the vanity in the dark because I don't want to be blinded by the light and almost lose it right there, 3 feet from the pot!  I drop my drawers and sit almost in one motion.  The next motion usually consists of me jumping up when my cheeks touch water, I never remember that Dickidoo never remembers to lower the seat... until its too late.  Thanks dude, no really... thanks!  I love waking up and taking a dip in the stinkin' commode!

But this morning was different, I have been running on empty for too long and I wasn't getting up for nothing.  I tried to ignore nature's call, but it was becoming more and more difficult.  I finally accepted the fact that there would be no sleep until I took a walk.  But the bed was soooo darn comfortable and I just didn't want to get up...

In a final goodbye to my comfy mattress and fluffy blankets, I stretched out, cracking every taunt joint in my body.

And guess what?

Well, one of two things could happen at that point.  There could be a flash flood, or.... the levels in the reservoir could lower as new paths opened up with the stretching.

Shazaam!  That stretch bought me one more hour of shut eye!  Ah yes, the body is truly a wonderful, mysterious thing.

My days have been a mad scramble of work, time with Gabe and the other Oompas, cooking as much of Gabe's favorite foods as he can eat in this short amount of time without making him sick, and compiling pictures we took at a wedding for our friend's daughter.  But the nights are spent in pensive thought and sadness.  I want to scream out at the unfairness of it all... of EVERYTHING!  Selfishly I wonder what I could have done to deserve this.  I want so bad to share my frustrations, but even now... even this is cryptic for fear of making matters worse.

Dickidoo caters to me like a protective husband, Gabe like a protective son.  His comic solutions keep me laughing but the tension continues to build.  I didn't realize how close I was to just completely losing it until they each in turn but on separate occasions told me to slow down and relax.  Becca is astute.  She made chocolate cake yesterday.  I think I need some chocolate cake right now.  That always helps.

Becca was just reading over my shoulder.  She may be astute, but she's not very word-wise.  She has no idea what 'astute' means.  I annunciated each syllable for her.  'ass-toot'  She hit me, can you believe that?  I was complementing her and she hit me!

Main Entry: as·tute
Function: adjective
Pronunciation: &-'stüt, a-, -'styüt
Etymology: Latin astutus, from astus craft
: having or showing shrewdness and perspicacity <an astute observer> <astute remarks>


am4039 said...

I am happy you got that extra hour of sleep. I know how it is when you just want to lay in bed but that darn mother nature thing won't let you. Ok, now slow down and take a deep breath.

princesssaurora said...

Oh Honey... email me if you need to vent about everything and not have it up on the journal...

I am here for you and ready to lend a shoulder and prayers and mommy understanding...

be well,

deshelestraci said...

Vent away!  We all need to once in a while.  I hope your visit with Gabe goes well.  I hear you are going to meet the Ridiman family sometime soon as they are in CO.  That is so cool.

jckfrstross said...

if you need to chat email me or im me i know what you are going through oh man do i know! enjoy the time you have left


sdoscher458 said...

Oh Dorn, you've been under pressure for over a year - that can do things to a person's mind & body.  So let them cater to you for a while, believe me you've earned it.....Sandi

gdlywom said...

I backtracked and read up on Gabe's arrival, and I am GLAD that he made it home, and safe!!!!

Your children are beautiful, and you're right; Gabe will be his father in ten years!!!


gdlywom said...

Please forgive...I meant that Gabe will be his father in 20 years! :-)


xomywayox said...

Hey Doll
This too shall pass....take a deep breath and a sip of beer. And all will be better soon. Enjoy the moment....

Butterflies, Bunnies, & Balloons....Brenda

hestiahomeschool said...

You know that you can call me day or night....I am reading this almost two weeks later...You deserve Godiva chocolate and all the hugs you can get.