Friday, May 12, 2006

FLUBBER DUCKY and the Toy Fair

Rocky had her Toy Prototype Fair last night.  The project:  design and create the prototype of a toy and then market it to the parents.  Rocky's group engineered the "Flubber Ducky" flying rubber duck with GPS tracking, video recorder, two-way radio communications and it swims and flies.  Rocky used the 'carnival barker' approach to sell the flubber duck.  Her gimmick:  'Flubber Ducky, the amazing Flying Flubber Duck, come on, you know you want one!'  And I guess it worked because she was getting orders left and right from highly impressed prospective buyers (parents).

Other toys that caught my eye, The Wonder Pen: an automatic pen that writes by itself, guaranteed to get you a B+ or better on all of your assignments.   The DNA Bank, so secure that it can only be opened by the person who matches the programmed DNA (submitted through saliva sample).  Lick the security DNA analyzer to open the bank.  Unauthorized users get zapped.  And my personal favorite, the RoboRoom:  Robotic Room Cleaner, cleans a room in seconds.  Quite seriously I hope these kids can find a way to actually invent such a thing because I'll buy a couple in a heart beat!




mumma4evr said...

how can you sleep???? I am on pins and needles just waiting for gabe to get home!!!  

cooltropics said...

I am so excited for you, the family and GABE ! ! ! ! ! !

princesssaurora said...

Yay for Rocky!  And, I totally want one!  The bank would be great too!  

be well,

jckfrstross said...

I would order a flubber ducky lol and the others also the bank one i hope it comes to life it would be funny to see that happen:) soon Gabe and family will be at your house:)


stinckerbelle said...

I'd like 100! LOL! I already got em'!