Saturday, May 6, 2006

A NEW CAMERA, and a new hobby?

My life as a Roving Reporter Extrodinaire and Teller of Wonderful Life Stories was short lived.  I returned the camcorder because in order for me to upload my video stories online I would have to install a new component on to my computer.  Asking ME to install ANYTHING on to my computer is just a very bad idea.  I traded the camcorder in for a digital camera that has audio video capabilities.

Dickidoo hated the JVC camcorder.  But he loves the new digital camera.  That is a good thing because now maybe he will leave my baby alone and take the new little pocket sized digital with audio video capabilities.  And there will be no more talk about joint custody of my baby.

Did I mention that the new camera is a Nikon?

But what shall I do as a new hobby?  Any suggestions?

Check it out, we're in the single digits!

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am4039 said...

tell dickdoo to leave your baby a lone now. Not sure what your new hobby can be. 9 more days wow.

princesssaurora said...

I am so very very happy for you that you got a new digital camera with the movie thingy.  Cool.  Let me know how easy or hard it is... I can do that with mine but never

A new hobby.... reading?  Ebaying?  Chocolate bar tester for Reeses or Hershey?


Coffee tester for DD???

be well,

deslily said...

congrats on the new camera...

i bet Gabe is packed already!!!... yeahhhhhh Gabe!!

plittle said...

A new hobby? What about your precious dust bunnies? I'd hate to think that they were being neglected.

...wait. That's how you take care of them, right?