Thursday, November 6, 2008


Question: Who is as bad as a rotten politician?

Answer: An uninformed voter.

I am embarrassed to admit that when I took my place at the voting booth, I was every bit as bad as the politicians and the rhetorical rubbish they have been spewing into the air with increasing density over the past months. I didn't do my homework. When I encountered the brief but confusing language of the ballot amendments I attempted a crash course in self-taught political ho-hum and started scribbling in each appropriate bubble...

0 Yeah

0 Oh Hell NO!

I was going to town with the 'Yeah' bubbles, dropping down for the occasional 'Oh Hell NO' when something didn't sound right.

Last night while waiting in one of the many lines I endure in the course of my day, I spoke with a gentleman who was directly affected by my winning 'Oh Hell NO' vote. He was a volunteer for a program that benefited mild to moderately mentally challenged adults. The extra taxation they were asking for would have provided much needed funding for the severely under budgeted and over populated programs and services provided.

I wish I had done my homework and read up on everything that was on the ballot. I wish I wasn't so susceptible to all that political rhetoric. Even not casting a vote for something would have been better than casting the wrong vote. I wish I had spoken to that gentleman even just 24 hours earlier. I couldn't even admit to him that I had voted against the increased taxes.

I feel so bad.

I feel like a rotten politician!


garnett109 said...

enjoy your day

Kathy said...

Water on the bridge Dorn ... and a lesson learned. ;)

Indigo said...

As Kathy said, it's water under the bridge now. You came to a realization so many don't, each one of those questions have a repercussion. The next time you go to vote, I'm betting you know where you stand on each issue offered. Don't beat yourself up, as you said you didn't know....Know you do. (Hugs)Indigo

Cindy said...

i know how you feel - i did the same, just in the opposite way. i voted 'yes' on something i had (i thought) completely read up on in the newspaper.

turns out i completely misunderstood their 'explaination'!! luckily, my yes wasn't enough to pass this vote and i don't have it on my conscious. whew!

enough of the undecipherable 'jargon' - write it in English from now on, why don't they?!?

Traci said...

I think we all do that! Not every time but sometimes. Hey at least you voted!