Monday, November 3, 2008


My nephew came downstairs while Dickidoo and I were watching Green Bay getting beaten by the Titans. He glanced at the tv set during an instant replay.

'What you watching?' he asked.

'Hockey' I said without looking away from the screen.

'Golf' Dickidoo said at the same time.

'Golf', I corrected myself.

'Hockey', Dickidoo said at the same time.

'What? I didn't know, it could be something else.' my nephew protested.

'Its a bunch of huge men in helmets running around a field chasing a little pointy brown ball, what else could it be?' I asked, trying to concentrate on the action on the field.

'Golf ?', Dickidoo suggested.

'But I didn't know... I don't know what Green Bay is!'

'You're right, it could be the finals for the Martha Stewart Cookie Baking Championships.'

The Southern Oompa left us with a disgusted 'humpf!'. I, on the other hand, had a sudden craving for decadent chocolate chip cookies.

The girls and I went house hunting yesterday. We ended up down the street from the house featured in the Colorado edition of Extreme Home Make-over. I fell in love with the floor plans. Rocky fell in love with the furniture in the model homes. Becca fell in love with the neighbors, especially the cute 20 something blond one in the blue pick-up truck. We toured 6 houses, moving into each one in our minds. It was with heavy footed reluctance that we finally turned in the last set of keys and headed back to where our 40 year old cluttered and over crowded bi-level awaited us.

After supper we simmered in the hot tub, just us girls. We talked about girly things and laughed about silly stuff. We made wishes on falling stars... or maybe it was falling space trash. Art joined us outside later, but refrained from entering the hot tub. I guess he figured it was too hormonal for a lone male so he kept his distance. It was nice though, to sit out there with the Oompas and talk about everything... and absolutely nothing, out there beneath the stars.

"Okay, so tell me again how I'm the coolest, most awesomest mom in the world?"

(I don't think I've reached the status as the coolest, most awesomest Aunty in the world yet, mostly because of my low tolerance for stupid questions... but I'm working on it.)


Amy said...

If you buy me a hot tub, I'LL tell you you're the coolest, most awesomest mom in the world!! LOL

Indigo said...

And here I thought stupid questions were reserved for husbands...(Hugs)Indigo

Traci said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I had fun watching the Titans beat the Packers!
You really are the coolest mom!

Tabby said...

Sonds like a good girl day. Glad you all had fun. I would of liked to see those houses.

Rjet33 said... slay me, Jody.

Love ya!~