Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MY FIRST (and quite possibly my last) COURT APPEARANCE

With my new job I occasionally get subpoenaed to appear in court. Very exciting! Yesterday was once such time and I dressed appropriately. Upon my arrival the movie star gorgeous young prosecutor informed me that he probably wouldn't need to call on me after all but I should stick around just in case.

So I sat with my co-workers and the police officer who had responded to our call. We waited for our case to be called but the other attorney had been tied up in another court and was delayed. When he finally appeared, what little professionalism I had immediately evaporated. It was another movie star attorney.

Oh my God, he looked like that Vogon guy from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!

I kid you not! This guy had scruffy white hair, he was broad shouldered and his arms hung down almost to the floor. I mentioned this to my co-workers who rolled their eyes at me. The defense attorney shuffled over to the table and cleared his throat.

Oh my God, he even sounded like that Vogon guy from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!

Every time the poor man cleared his throat or finished a sentence he made a muffled 'humphing' kind of sound. By now even the police officer in the front row was snickering behind tight lips. The movie star prosecutor walked over and shook his head with an exasperated smile.

'I don't know if I should call any of you.' he said .

'We'll be okay,' I promised. 'Just don't let him read poetry!'

(Relax Dickidoo, court was in recess when the Vogon... er... defense attorney came in so I was not disrespectful in front of the judge.)


Traci said...

Oh me. Sounds challenging to keep your composure!

garnett109 said...

was he guilty?

Michelle said...

It would have been great if you would have gotten video on your cell phone. That would have been a site to see!!

REGINA said...

omg, i had so much to catch up on, dorn. i haven't had internet connection since you posted 10-21, so i missed everything. but i am caught up now and am too exhausted to read anyone elses journal, lol. i am sorry to hear of the robbery. i just don't understand folks. i would like to say i have truly missed you, jodi. by the way, make a pet out of the monster is so much easier than trying to get rid of it. i know from experience. believe me.



Kathy said...

Oh, we are all still just a bunch of middle schoolers, aren't we? LOL