Saturday, November 8, 2008

A visit from the Lullaby League, and peach fuzz

I woke this morning to the sound of singing... I think. It sounded like the Lullaby League had escaped from Oz and were arguing in my hallway... some what in harmony. I glanced at the clock... 8:49.

8:49! As in 8:49 am... as in 8:49 in the morning! That was the longest I have slept straight through in months! Then it dawned on me... Gabe was safe in the states. I smiled and snuggled deep into my pillows and blankets.


I knew that sound, it was the sound of the hair clippers. It was the sound of someone getting a buzz cut. Dickidoo and my nephew should be out hunting, and my two sons at home both have long hair. Who was getting a buzz cut?

I heard the Lullaby League giggling and I sprang out of bed, tripping over the junk on the floor in an effort to stop them.

I was too late.

Becca was bent over Rocky's head with the electric hair clipper finishing up on a peach fuzz buzz cut. I could not make a sound, I just stood there gaping like Henry the Homicidal Goldfish.

"Feel it," Becca invited proudly. Her baby sister grinned from behind her angled bangs. I touched the back of her head, not able to believe that I was feeling my teenage daughter's hair. Finally I found my voice.

"Oh buddy, your daddy is gonna kill you both!"

But you know what? It's really kind of cute. Really! I can't wait till Becca turns 18 so I can put her through beauty school and get free hair cuts for the rest of my life. But until then I made her swear off any more buzz cuts on her baby sister.


garnett109 said...

The baby got Sheared?

Michelle said...

Holy shit!! You have to post pictures of that!

Call me Paul said...

Seconds on the pictures demand. Rocky with a buzz cut? I somehow can't picture it.

Amy said...

Rocky's hair is gone?! i'm going to go cry. (even though I had SHORT hair all through my adolescence)

Honey said...
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Honey said...

hey that did turn out cute!!

Could have been worse ....could have been a mohawk. (!)


Traci said...

It looks really cute!

Call me Paul said...

Hey, you know what? That looks awesome. Great job, Becca. Nice hairstyle, Rocky.

Indigo said...

It did turn out cute...I'm curious as to Dickadoo's reaction. I can hear that scream all the way here in NY. (Hugs)Indigo

Tabby said...

WOW! I loved her long hair but she does look awful cute with that new doo! Becca sure can cut hair.
Tabby :)

REGINA said...

omg, i love the haircut. a mother's nightmare, but a kid's delight. enjoy, they, too, will be leaving the nest.



Jill Marie said...

Ahh...takes me back to my daughter being 3 and her brother at age 5 and 1/2. I always kept her hair in a ponytail of some sort, or a braid. This particular day it was a braid.
She wanted the rubber band out, found my scissors and asked her brother to cut it out.
He cut rubber band out by cutting the hair just about the band. When her hair was three different lengths. I cried then and now it is a story we tell and laugh about.
Your baby girl looks very cute with the new hair-do though. Thumbs up to big sis on a job well done.