Tuesday, November 25, 2008

so angry can't think...

Mothers raise their daughters to be the woman they always wanted to be but never had the opportunity to be. They raise their sons to be the man they wished they had married. Sometimes they just end up with a mini version of the man they did marry.

Sometimes it's even worse.

Art needs to hurry up and get married so he can make some other woman miserable.

So I'm stomping through the house like a rabid rhino, full of compressed anger (the object of my anger has left the building and his brother has decided that it would be safer in his room), and a teenie tiny blip of hope shines through. I'm a very sensual person. Not sexy sensual... Dickidoo has all but put me out to pasture in that respect. I get my pleasure now days through my senses... touch, sight, sound, taste... and scent! Yesterday while closing a half empty box of cereal left out on the table I got a whiff of the tootie fruitie goodness from within and I was instantly transported to the happy carefree days of my childhood.

That seemed like a good place to be right about now and the little strobe light of hope shone through the dark clouds of anger in my mind... follow the light... follow the light! Like a child in a trance I retraced my footsteps to the cupboard and pulled open the double doors. I could almost hear the sharp squealing sound effects of a knife slashing through the Bates motel shower curtain... The cupboard was bare. Not really, but there were no tootie fruitie flavored Fruity-O's.

But wait... the empty box must be in the trash can! Yes, I actually dug through the kitchen trash can. But that too was in vain. No box of cereal in the cupboard, no empty package on the table, not even in the trash. Where were the fricken Fruity-O's? I didn't want to eat them, I just wanted to sniff the stinkin' box! I NEED to sniff the stinkin' box before I totally pop a circuit!

Today is not looking too good for me. I pity the fool who tries to steal from me tonight cos that sucker is going down hard and without mercy.

Unless he has a box of tootie fruitie Fruity-O's in his loot.

I just wanted to sniff the box, just a little whiff. Is that too much to ask for? Just a little sniff! It instantly takes me to my happy place, cos when I'm not in my happy place, nobody is in their happy place!

Art better have a box of Fruit Loops waiting for me when I get home tonight if he knows whats good for him!


garnett109 said...

I had to go to rehab, my addiction was worst, I had it bad for apple Jacks!

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

There must be something addicting b/c I TRULY could smell them as you wrote about them! HONESTLY!!!!